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A Full Circle.

“Age cannot wither her,

Nor customs stale her infinite variety.” Says Marlowe Of  Helen of troy.

Altering it slightly, we can write about Karunanidhi.

Age cannot deter him,

Nor customs stale his infinite variety.

I have changed two  words  of Marlowe, wither and her,  which   speaks volumes of the aging leader.He has calculated and manipulated, worked and reworked, thought and practised, heeded and yielded, wielded and withdrew, shouted and patted,  aroused and subdued , to find a way out. He did find a way , in every angle, in every sleeve and in every frame.

His political career has lent him a platform to express his histrionics. The cine dialogue writer , was identified as a potential spokesperson byb Annadurai , founder of DMK,The power of eloquence, the gruff modulation , and his rhetorical language gave him a complimentary passage into the world of politics. His fiery speech rose the audience spirit, his tone tickled the listener , his voice attracted the party men. His mentor’s untimely death brought him to the fore.He assumed the Chief Minister ship Of Tamilnadu. His tryst with destiny , started with much aplomb. There was no looking back from thence, except for a pathetic showdown , he suffered in the hands of M. G.Ramachandran . The tenure of MGR, was a difficult phase, and  the setback he experienced when he lost the election ,while Jeyalalitha became the head of Tamilnadu , was a bitter pill to swallow. The defeats moulded him into a much more experienced politician, and a great savant of politics.

Karunanidhi, in his wrong side of eighties , has worked miracles. He is the longest Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. He is now the political supremo, dictating terms to Manmohan singh. His likes and dislikes are exhibited in the choice of ministers. He is the best benefactor ,not of the people but of the family.

Having made his son Alagiri , as a cabinet Minister in Central government, he has made his younger son Stalin as Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.He has completed a full circle , without any scratch or blemish, dent or bruise.Karunanidhi has won the race. His triumph is perfect . His success is hundred percent. His distinctive perception and his brimming confidence , has contributed to an unbelievable   wealth , extraordinary   power , indefatigable eminence .



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Relaxing For Reliance, Taxing The Mass.

The major policy decision of the newly formed Indian government is to free fuel prices from State.Oil minister Deora told reporters “It will go to cabinet.It will be discussed soon, within six weeks. The main beneficiary  is Reliance Industries, which will reopen its retail network.

As congress has formed the government on a strong base, away from the communist clutches , the market based fuel pricing will turn out a reality soon. The subsidies that were imposed to keep the price under control will be withdrawn.The wide fiscal deficit that arose out of artificial suppression of fuel price would be reduced , if the state delints itself from fixing prices.

Market driven pricing also will curb the use of fuel in India.These aspirations of the congress government will find a swift approval in Parliament. But the uproar and upheaval among the mass are hard to predict.

India , is a thickly populated country, with the majority depending on public transport. Once the subsidies are taken back , the fuel will surge high , resulting in the increase of fare in transport systems. The elections  are over, and the people have voted congress to power, with the desire that a stable federal government will bring growth and prosperity to the nation. This immediate decision of Manmohan singh  cabinet ,is a bot from the blue. The governance , instead of aiding the mass, is allowing a giant industrial power to renew its retail network, thus working significant profit.

The major oil companies . Indian oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum corporation , stocks rose between 8-15%.Deora has assured that the he will see to it that fuel reach people at the right time and at the right price.

The sustenance of deregulation is  a big question. How long? and How well?.Crude oil is  making a forward move. When the price reach a high of 75$ , the plug in of deregulation will phase out. Kerosene prices are sold in  public retails with a huge subsidy , will shoot up , leading to a chaotic trend , as the majority depends on it . The extension of price hike in this sector . that is kerosene , will trigger a mass agitation. It looks like a political blunder.

Governance is a sure ,spectacular ,eventful ,sprightly affidavit. The essence of it lies not in haphazard  ,hurried provisions but in meticulous ,well planned, thorough thought out operations.Majority and strong base should not be misunderstood to be autocratic  and  dictatorial evidence.


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Born To Buy .

The attitude “Born to buy ,not to sell “is a beautiful idiomatic introspection.. The concept may look like an euphoria, sound exactly like a soothing prediction.The inimical style of practice of always acquiring properties, commodities , consumer durables, dress, furniture and several other articles  professes illogical epitome.

A consideration of accumulating wealth is a noteworthy achievement, but at times of emergency this fancy should yield to reality. The blind faith  of withholding assets , in the expectation of sorting out the debts by borrowings , is an extermely  puzzling feverish sigma.

A family , I know , saddled with extravagant liabilities, refused to part even with a small  item , but indulged in setting of the debtors , by bribing the middle men ,thus ensuing the postponement of the d -day. They  did  diversify  the attention for a specific time frame, but in the process lost mostof their valuable properties , by way of auction , by liquidation procedure, by annihilating  the property  to the business debtors for the debts. The whole exhaustive determination could have been saved , if they have sold one property ,

Clearing of debts , by selling unencumbered assets is not a shameful thought. Instead , it raises the image of the person manifold among the community. It earns a reputation , that he thoroughly honours his words and can be trusted for even a better forfeiture

The materials disposed can be easily acquired, once the business picks up, once the credibilty  is redeemed . The name and fame which get electrocuted by misbehaviour  and treacherous  traits will not regain the original  sheen , and the luminous lustre. A glass broken is , broken forever , it cannot be aligned once again, however much we  try. So is the reputation. The calculation of wealth   will go down after a sale of an asset. The valuation will diminish , but like a broken  piece of wood can be  mended  back to its original shape by manoeuvring on its tenacity. So is the value of money.

An unrequited adherence to uncertain equations will lead to trouble, will land in fear and will shroud in defamation .

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Kick Start The Economy.

Motor cycles used the mechanism of kick start. The pushing of the ratchet lever with one’s foot was a startling and tiring experience. The rider ,many a time engaged in giving several kicks before the engine started off with a roar. It was an enjoyable pastime for me, when I saw my siblings do it with ardent  fervour and defined attention. The missing trail ,sometimes accrued in tens and twenties. Then mostly on the twentyfirst stroke they hummed , then grunted , finally thundered ,as they gained momentum.

The economy which was in the lowest ebb a few months back is meandering into a modest step out. The rummaging of the archives of the past , the lessons from the previous epochs of depression, and the splashing anecdotes which punctuated the era once in twenty years , that of outsourcing revolution of 1990’s .The decade of 1960’s was one of affluence. Automobiles,chemicals, aerospace and housing worked out the prosperity of this period.The oil producing countries experienced a rapid growth in economy. Japan found its economy booming. U.K and U.S had encountered a stagflation The third world countries which adopted the green revolution made a steady progress.Corporate raiders developed new ways of taking over companies, by issuing inflated stocks and developed other schemes that led to crackdowns This was the predominance of 1980’s , when large banks crashed, because they increased  interest rates ,which led to the default of the borrowers.

1990’s was  a period of prosperity,marked by low inflation and low unemployment.The next ten years  saw a dramatic turn of events.There was a faint resemblance of recession,but not of much a distinctive promotion.

Now, the immediate decade,had a beating and the slump was so severe  that the global whirlpool has devoured the fruits of the  economy and rendered it hapless .

The alternative to outsourcing is the green house gas emission . This new technology will pave the way to a glorious epoch of progress and stabilty.


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Stabilising The Economy.

Economy is in the recovery path. There is a a slight turn around. There appears a cheerful outlook. There is a direction for a stability fixture.

The nuclear test  by North Korea has sent waves of  danger and signals of risk, that there seems to be a minor set back in the otherwise prospective outlook.The U.N and most nations have condemned the North Korean attempt. As the experiment by North korea is successful, the countries mainly U. S feels  little insecure. It is an acid test to Obama , who had called for destruction of nuclear weapons. It is a violation of security council says the U.N.

The 1990’s  was a period of dull gloomy paraphernalia .The economy was sinking . As the pressure  inthe propriety of finance mounted, there was a sudden uprise in the form of Information outsourcing. The export   of knowledge , the sharing of revenue, the import of jobs by the growing nations to the developed countries worked a marvel . The prosperity was in exuberance. The giver of employment and the taker of jobs were evenly happy. The exim policy was like a magical wand , though in a different spectrum. Usually , the exim policy was based on the fundamentals of  suppy of manufactured goods and  raw material  . the 1990’s perceived a transaction of  service.

The present stature calls for an acute motivational strategy, that of the regime of emission.There are three pivotal positions  in this regime.

1.Fiscal regime with quantity targetting.

2. Fiscal regime withprice targetting.

3.Monetary regime.

We have to transform the demand for money into the demand for public goods.As demand for money increases, demand forpubkic goods increases,which leads to  an enincrease in public goods.We may call this as anenvironmental automatic stabilizer.

A country adopts monetary regime of public goods, other countries have to automatically follow it up, leading  to a mitigation of international free rider problem. banks should hold emission reducers as foreign reserves.

So the next set up for the revival of economy depends on the regime of emission. We have to legalise the system of green house sustain the economy. A new avenue is on the anvil, to exploit it or to discard it ,depends on the government policies world over.

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Karunanidhi In A Cosy Bed.

Karunanidhi has created a gibberish sensation. He came back  to Chennai , with a feigned disappointment.He made Manmohan and Sonia Gandhi talk to him ,as if he is not intersted in joining the cabinet.. He posed himself to be self sufficient and effective. He got admitted in the hospital for acute back pain, which was due to his sojourn in Delhi. He convened an executive committee meeting of his party, then cancelled it , saying that he got an emergency  call from Manmohan Singh. Finally,  he has agreed to join the cabinet,with three cabinet ministers, and three state ministers. His son Alagiri is to don the robe as a minister of an important portfolio. His daughter kanimozhi , is also in the list. What a finale to the political melodrama. He has pleased his two wives, by putting his outspoken son from the first wedlock in a high pedestal, and alloting a berth to his vivacious daughter  from the second combination.







































A Tamil saying reads thus , manalai kayiraga thirikalam. Yes ,the ailing octogenerian has spun yarn out of sand. The grand old man, has  converted politics into a lucrative business, He has  transformed multiple marriages into multifold progressions. He has churned family into an industrial venture. He has installed his  children  in exalted posts.He has earned revenue as a writer, as a producer of films, as a  major stakeholder of a Telivision channel,Sun T.V ,as a founder of a brand new Telivison channel, Kalaingar.But his main role is in politics. It has rewarded him the most. His consolidated net income from his investments is nothing compared to his invisible kickbacks from politics.

The  family of Karunanidhi , is blessed twice.  Primarily, they have a solid fallback, a mountain of funds to recline, a storehouse of properties to languish. Secondly , they have an enviable control over the central government, by occupying vital ministerial berths and a full sway over state politics.

The people have  endowed the aged man, with honour and fortune in a beautiful platter. The astute statesman has diverted this opportunity to enrich his family. The hope of the electorate was, that they would receive better service and best possible  development in the areas of education, agriculture, industry , health, infrastructure.But, as usual , they have to count the not laid eggs in an empty basket.A strain of murmur is faintly heard. A grunting sigh is vaguely felt.But ,no, a voice cries from the widerness, “Karunanidhi is sleeping in a cosy bed.Do not disturb”.

“Let you take rest, Old man, You have accomplished your duty for the day.”


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Keep A Lid On It

Keep a lid on it is a fascinating idiom, inclusive of all effective temperaments. It is a relative terminology , befitting all periods , brandishing all  products, enfolding all segments, wielding all systems.

Oil is silently going up. It  has reached 60$. The expectation is th

at it will rise up to 75$. But the weak economy is keeping a lid on it, thus retarding its hasty climb.

Gold had a unprecedented hike . It soared and surged, baffling human  etymology. But there was a smart disposal of gold by Indians ,who have a special attraction to the metal. This has made the bullion merchants raise their eyebrows. Again the principle of Keep a lid on it comes handy.

The stock markets saw an awe inspiring mandate a few years back. The sudden leap was dismantling , and dis proportionate. But it kept on shooting up. When it was about to boil over , the policy of Keep the lid on it started its shift. The frothing diffused , diluted and became  a filtered residue  of its copious overflow.

The jobs in the Information  sector had a magical maddening aperture. The young software professionals were much in demand. Their earnings were erroneously wholesome. The  infusion of  extrempore riches jckd up their status . They lost their heads, by giving way to un principled lifestyle and misconstrued the privileges  handed over to them.The outsourcing industry , was badly hit by the recession, thus the Keep alid on it was enforced. The thriving  society was shaken ubexpectedly. The reality has woken them up to the snaguinity.

Keeping a lid on it , is a remarkable theory that has lot of endowments to be practised. It  is an alarm that signifies  prudence and alerts us when we tend to indulge in lavish  spending, liberalised life style. It stops us when we incline to stray away from dogmatic implications and plunge into instigated horror.

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A Sadist In The Making.

Enjoying cruelty is a pleasure to many. Imposing impossible targets is a rutheless game practised by many. Withholding rightful share , is a delinquent practise by many. Piling up scorching mockery is a favourite pastime for many. Spitting out venom is a enamouring sport for many. Hitting with sharp taunts is a best formula for many. Making others sad , is an active fun for many.

What to call these wicked  entities? How to address these irreverential code of conduct?  Where to encircle these ignominous individuals?Why they do such atrocious  renditions?How to constrain these incorrigible advents?

The sadistic outcome and  emergence of spontaneous taunting trend  make the normal existence a gullible discipline. The eventualities ,of these callous emulation  are awesome and ferful.The targets of these offensive bouts, become a breakdown patients. The rebuff collapses their physical fortitude. The mental stoicism slips to the oblivion. The financial progression is nullifed.

The machieavillain revels in mirth, seeing his kith wallowing in penury. He makes merry ,while his kin meanders in slander . he jokes ,at the expense of close relatives plight. He indulges in lavish spending ,while his siblings count their necessities. He rides high , while his friend toils hard. His incandescent jottings strangle the near ones defense. His arrogance quell the humility of the beloved. His terminal disposition deranges the tranquil mind. His splendid deference slaughters the solemn serenity.

The  ungrateful emolument of sadism should be eschewed . The disgraceful impression of cruelty should be dismissed from  society. The torrid torment and the sordid reminiscence are to be taken up as a cause of vital involvement, by setting up a counselling tribunal ,thus enabling a trigger to erase the resounding frenzy and embellish a circulation of contentment and comfort.

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DMK dissatisfied.

The DMK , a regional party from Tamilnadu , has won 18 seats in thee Lok  sabha elections. The party is demanding 9 ministerial berths. A very high bargain. Half of its MP’s would be occupying the cabinet levels. The issue was the headlines of the National newspapers

What a cheeky ambition! What a tall claim!

The congress , had a long parley with the DMK squad, and finally accepted to give 7 allotments. Half heartedly , the DMK big wigs agreed. Then after deliberation with top leaders, the congress came out with a minor alteration, that of 6 .The DMK refused to accept the new agenda. The parleys worked out a failure . The DMK tracked back to Chennai.

The disposition of this regional party does not have a pleasant significance. There should be a limit to everything. There should be a reason for demand. There should be a rhyme for bargaining.

Rationality escapes man’s mental stature when it is convened by power. The addiction for power, and money is so overwhelming, that the analytical faculty gets effaced.  Taking a right abou turn on such issues , makes them a laughing stock,questions their intentions and rummages their credibility.To seek a natinal accredition , the party has to give out a reasonable inclination. Geting into central politics would sharpen their image and they can perform  in the mainstream , thus enhancing their image and glory. They could also strenghten their party by and improve their State’s infrastructure,and provide promising projects to Tamilnadu, so that the economy of the state would augument, the finances would shoot up, and the fcilities would have a run.

Ignoring these advantages, the Party has withdrawn from joining the government. The petty thought prevails over the idealitic theory. It is the narrow theme of party that  obsoletes the broader perception of the nation. It is the conceited liking for money that has overshadowed the welfare of the people , who have elected them.

It is a collossal loss to the  electorate  and to the nation. A grim smugly air of disappointment prevails

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Political Volcanoes

Volcanoes erupt emitting fire and heat. They let out gas ,hot molten rock ash.

The political volcanoes of  recent times, are  the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Liberation Tigers in Sri Lanka, the Iraq conflict ,to name a few.

The Talibans ,are a ruling faction Of Afghanistan. Their rule was conspicuously marked for the treatment of women. The intervention Of U. S added fuel to the fire. There is an excessive case of damage ,emphatic turmoil , and unnerving deaths.

The Liberation Tigers Of Eelam, as the  Tamils of Sri lanka, term themselves . are fighting for a separate country based on the language. They had relentlessly been fighting for  33 years. What started as a demonstration for equal rights , has crystaslised into a controversial military hampering.In the years , there was a large scale exodus to India , Canada, Britain , France an Malaysia.There was also a predominance of casualties on both sides,  that of life, buildings and peace.

The Sri lankan  volcano has erupted finally with the death of LTTE  leader Prabhakaran.It must have been a gruesome confrontation. The people of the island crave for normal life . Not a day passes without the sound of the guns.

The  Iraq war has many conspiracy theories.George Bush invaded Iraq , for combating terrorism and also for U.S dominance over oil. The second reason may sound erroneous, but there is a little truth also. The war , has sacked Saddam Hussein, has disturbed the tranquillity  of the region, and has resulted in enormous bloodshed.

Political Volcanoes  are much more severe than natural Volcanoes. Nature’s fury is beyond our control. But this man made aberrations could have been easily halted , in their initial stage , if the concerned , had considered liberalisation. Letting a fair deal is  a sign of understanding, a signal of  compassion and a significant reaction to violence.

A smile litters the mind. A sincere attempt reinforces the foundation. Swelling pride and serpentine endeavours have  shrouded the  frequent negotiations. The net outcome is bloodshed.