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The Best Quench Thirster

Beat the heat with this simple beverage. It is the best, and cheap concoction , that can be prepared at home in a few seconds.It suppresses dehydration, and  rejuvenates the body .

A small quantity of tamarind has to be soaked in water for a few seconds. Then extract the juice ,to the full. Add  powdered jaggery, and ginger extract . Flavour it with  finely powdered cardamom. Chill it. If you do the preparation in a mud or clay pot, the effect will be superb.

The scorching heat, makes you mad. it drains you off of all your energy. It  renders you waned and exhausted, The chronic perspiration will drive you out of tune. The fatigue  compels you to sit at home. They induce you to utter grunts and  grudges . The body starts aching for no reason whatsoever. The mind loses its repertoire. You become a sneaky snail, a spent buff, a lethargic entity, and a useless brat.

Such a  kind of uncompassionate  disintegration could be well brought into focus by takina  asip of  the prescribed drink. It soothens your dry throat, cools your tract, cleanses your intestines, kindles your kidneys, emulates  the blood flow in the arteries and refills the lost water content in the body.

A wholesome consumption of the  reverberating mixture will wrench wonders to the body and the soul. This is a grandmother’s recipe for summer . It is aptly called as Panakkam.The tamarind juice  acts as a  cathartic,astringent,laxative, and refrigerant . The ginger extract relieves nausea, vomiting,and mitigates arthritis pain.Jaggery is called as medicinal  sugar.It clears lung and throat infection and is a rich source of iron.Flatulence and indigestion are expelled from the system., by consuming cardamom , which  also acts as a stimulant. 

Santhamu lethu, saukiyumu lethu . goes the maxim.

True , external factors like  horrid weather sucks the  body’s temper, which in turn forces you to act tangently, which leads to a sickness and unpleasantness. The permanent cure for such irritable syndrome is in this panakkam.

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A Breathtaking Rise.

Indian Share market had an astonishing recovery on 18/May/2009.It was not a mere jump, but a high jump which baffled Olympic winners who set new records. It is an all time wish that this high jump should also embrace the long jump . They should go hand in hand,The  high and the long should supplement and complement each other. Sustenance , should be vitalised.Nevertheless ,the escalation alone would presume a slithering showcase.  

The markets were closed ,as the entirety was dumbfounding. There was mirth and joy, thudding and thumping, revelling and rejoicing.A trader , who had stocks worth 25 lakhs, a year ago , saw them tumble  gradually to the level of ten lakhs. The ten lakh status was more or less maintained, just oscillating between  nine and eleven lakhs. On Monday , there  was a speedy spurt. It rose to 15 lakhs. The trader , who was downcast all these months , had a seducing satisfaction.

A stable government has brought this cheer. Stability, includes, steadfastness ,continuance,constancy and character of purpose.The election mandate has brought with it a sincere companion , that of stability.

This firm  exposition to disintegration is a value added product. This consistency is a predominant quality ,a precursor to economic progression. The progression will not be constrained to arithmetic enlargement  but push in a geometric extension.!8/May/2009 , marked a sign of reverse trend in the market. The almost static, a depleting market showed significant advance.It  was a  remarkable rejoinder to the  election manifestation.

The spread of gloom got dissipated giving way to a blooming evaluation.A knock of cheer and a click of gaiety , cloaked the country. 19/May/2009, dawned with an expectation of a sensitive trend. The carry on was evenly poised and equally eased. The long timers , gained momentum. The outsourcers saw a slip. The rupee also  has started its forward march, Gold ,sharpened its glittering with a marginal rise. Wedding season is on the calendar . The Indian craze for the shining yellow metal will be fine tuned.Silver is walking close with its sibling. Crude ,the  country cousin of these precious metals, is making waves..

The mid half of 2009, augurs well, with steep climb in stocks . Economy is , straightening up.Industry has to take a headway plunge into the well being. Unemployment will  in course of time diffuse like morning dew. Real estate , which perceived  a sluggish slump .will peep out  and espy greener pastures.

Looking from all directions, I am able to conclude that  franchise, or putting it rudely ,the vote of the  poor man has reinforced prosperity. The politician ,should understand the value of the rights, should deliver good to the  people ,who have voted him to power,and stop seeking personal gains.

The whole system seems to be extremely paradoxical . The methodology exhibits severe irony. The game of scapegoatism should be halted. The mobility of simple faith , blind trust and ignorant entreaties should not be misconstrued. A plain sheet of transparent governance should be the motto of the Congress led Government.