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Keep A Lid On It

Keep a lid on it is a fascinating idiom, inclusive of all effective temperaments. It is a relative terminology , befitting all periods , brandishing all  products, enfolding all segments, wielding all systems.

Oil is silently going up. It  has reached 60$. The expectation is th

at it will rise up to 75$. But the weak economy is keeping a lid on it, thus retarding its hasty climb.

Gold had a unprecedented hike . It soared and surged, baffling human  etymology. But there was a smart disposal of gold by Indians ,who have a special attraction to the metal. This has made the bullion merchants raise their eyebrows. Again the principle of Keep a lid on it comes handy.

The stock markets saw an awe inspiring mandate a few years back. The sudden leap was dismantling , and dis proportionate. But it kept on shooting up. When it was about to boil over , the policy of Keep the lid on it started its shift. The frothing diffused , diluted and became  a filtered residue  of its copious overflow.

The jobs in the Information  sector had a magical maddening aperture. The young software professionals were much in demand. Their earnings were erroneously wholesome. The  infusion of  extrempore riches jckd up their status . They lost their heads, by giving way to un principled lifestyle and misconstrued the privileges  handed over to them.The outsourcing industry , was badly hit by the recession, thus the Keep alid on it was enforced. The thriving  society was shaken ubexpectedly. The reality has woken them up to the snaguinity.

Keeping a lid on it , is a remarkable theory that has lot of endowments to be practised. It  is an alarm that signifies  prudence and alerts us when we tend to indulge in lavish  spending, liberalised life style. It stops us when we incline to stray away from dogmatic implications and plunge into instigated horror.