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Political Volcanoes

Volcanoes erupt emitting fire and heat. They let out gas ,hot molten rock ash.

The political volcanoes of  recent times, are  the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Liberation Tigers in Sri Lanka, the Iraq conflict ,to name a few.

The Talibans ,are a ruling faction Of Afghanistan. Their rule was conspicuously marked for the treatment of women. The intervention Of U. S added fuel to the fire. There is an excessive case of damage ,emphatic turmoil , and unnerving deaths.

The Liberation Tigers Of Eelam, as the  Tamils of Sri lanka, term themselves . are fighting for a separate country based on the language. They had relentlessly been fighting for  33 years. What started as a demonstration for equal rights , has crystaslised into a controversial military hampering.In the years , there was a large scale exodus to India , Canada, Britain , France an Malaysia.There was also a predominance of casualties on both sides,  that of life, buildings and peace.

The Sri lankan  volcano has erupted finally with the death of LTTE  leader Prabhakaran.It must have been a gruesome confrontation. The people of the island crave for normal life . Not a day passes without the sound of the guns.

The  Iraq war has many conspiracy theories.George Bush invaded Iraq , for combating terrorism and also for U.S dominance over oil. The second reason may sound erroneous, but there is a little truth also. The war , has sacked Saddam Hussein, has disturbed the tranquillity  of the region, and has resulted in enormous bloodshed.

Political Volcanoes  are much more severe than natural Volcanoes. Nature’s fury is beyond our control. But this man made aberrations could have been easily halted , in their initial stage , if the concerned , had considered liberalisation. Letting a fair deal is  a sign of understanding, a signal of  compassion and a significant reaction to violence.

A smile litters the mind. A sincere attempt reinforces the foundation. Swelling pride and serpentine endeavours have  shrouded the  frequent negotiations. The net outcome is bloodshed.