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Karunanidhi In A Cosy Bed.

Karunanidhi has created a gibberish sensation. He came back  to Chennai , with a feigned disappointment.He made Manmohan and Sonia Gandhi talk to him ,as if he is not intersted in joining the cabinet.. He posed himself to be self sufficient and effective. He got admitted in the hospital for acute back pain, which was due to his sojourn in Delhi. He convened an executive committee meeting of his party, then cancelled it , saying that he got an emergency  call from Manmohan Singh. Finally,  he has agreed to join the cabinet,with three cabinet ministers, and three state ministers. His son Alagiri is to don the robe as a minister of an important portfolio. His daughter kanimozhi , is also in the list. What a finale to the political melodrama. He has pleased his two wives, by putting his outspoken son from the first wedlock in a high pedestal, and alloting a berth to his vivacious daughter  from the second combination.







































A Tamil saying reads thus , manalai kayiraga thirikalam. Yes ,the ailing octogenerian has spun yarn out of sand. The grand old man, has  converted politics into a lucrative business, He has  transformed multiple marriages into multifold progressions. He has churned family into an industrial venture. He has installed his  children  in exalted posts.He has earned revenue as a writer, as a producer of films, as a  major stakeholder of a Telivision channel,Sun T.V ,as a founder of a brand new Telivison channel, Kalaingar.But his main role is in politics. It has rewarded him the most. His consolidated net income from his investments is nothing compared to his invisible kickbacks from politics.

The  family of Karunanidhi , is blessed twice.  Primarily, they have a solid fallback, a mountain of funds to recline, a storehouse of properties to languish. Secondly , they have an enviable control over the central government, by occupying vital ministerial berths and a full sway over state politics.

The people have  endowed the aged man, with honour and fortune in a beautiful platter. The astute statesman has diverted this opportunity to enrich his family. The hope of the electorate was, that they would receive better service and best possible  development in the areas of education, agriculture, industry , health, infrastructure.But, as usual , they have to count the not laid eggs in an empty basket.A strain of murmur is faintly heard. A grunting sigh is vaguely felt.But ,no, a voice cries from the widerness, “Karunanidhi is sleeping in a cosy bed.Do not disturb”.

“Let you take rest, Old man, You have accomplished your duty for the day.”