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Sweltering Heat

The heat is oppressive.It is burning, scorching and sweltering. The day ls like a burning ball of fire.The shine is blindening. It is a stretch of white dazzling light, that  makes seeing difficult, that renders the  vision  blurred The extensive elongation of  a strange phenomenon  of hot winds and unbearable hotness creates a distinctive unpleasantness and intolerable fatigue.

The months of April and May , usually are hot. But year after year, the weather is dominantly salubrious, getting warmer and warmer.The Mercury rises above 110 degree Fahrenheit.The land becomes  dull ,parched and dry. The total perception is that of an arid , withering hue. The vegetation is unanimously dust prone and present a pale complexion. The roads are dusty and extremely  ghastly. The people  are in an abnormal predicament of exhaustive fumigation and unsatiated  thirst.

They try to quench the longing for liquids , by consuming tender coconut water. The price of tender coconuts have zoomed high , proportionate to the temperature. They partake water melons, sip cane juice, fruit juices, and push in  a lot of plain water to beat the persipiration and dehydration.But , however much they drink , the outside temperature is so hot that they droop down tired and worn out.

It is not advisable to venture out. But , how long can one lock up at home? Each one has his own avocation. The hawker has to go about the lanes to sell his goods to earn his bread. The vendors have to take up the heat , to make a living. The labourer has to brave the high velocity of temperature to work up his livelihood. The office goer, though sitting in a plush air-con fitted cubicle, has to measure up the oppressiveness , to get his remuneration. The businessman has to set aside the burning warmth , to  look after his day to day affairs. A shortfall or break  will cause the ultimatum .

Hot or cold, dry or rainy, we have to move on. We do carry our daily chores , with a sigh , with a complain , with a mumble. Yet we go on  The world  waits for no limitation, no restraint , no eccentricity.