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Peace On Earth.

A wish of peace   so lively,

A thought of peace  so full,

A craving  for peace so deep,

Keeps the earth alive.




An expectation of  cheerful life,

A belief of  practical living,

A theme of  adorable progress,

Keeps the earth moving.



A  theory of frenzied action,

A deliberation of  frantic move,

An apprehension of  chaotic confrontation,

Keeps the earth inert.




A scene of  unjustifiable prediction,

A depiction of  irreversible  prejudice,

A presence of barbaric spectacle,

Keeps the earth  insolent.




A  symbol  of tumultuous  activity,

A significance of  frothing eruption,

A cauldron of  fumigating evolution,

Keeps the earth on  fire.




An expectation of grace,

An  experience of amity,

A  solace  of  compassion,

Will glorify the earth  with Peace.