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A Straight Approach

The lack of sincerity is a new found quality of all mortals. A transparent approach has been  forgotten by all. A veiled , beguiled, infidel momentum is the  fresh deal that is gaining credibility and  popularity.

A fear of God, or a gentle reference to super powers kept the people’s fancy and feigned procedure under control. Of late, this apprehension has lost ground. Thus , law is taken with ease, legalities are handled with fun. The thought of restraining from the atrocities, and reforming against all odd has become an outdated principle.

The imminent is the most considered. An immediate action, without deliberation , without consideration , without justice , is followed. The result should be beneficial. The method need  not be approved .It is the result that keeps us going. So the  end should bring credit.This is the motto of modern society.

Years back , the procedure underwent a circumvention,was  pursued logically, was performed scrupulously and the final atonement was gregarious.  The resolution was a beautiful insignia, that the appreciation it brought with it was  profound and secure.

The haphazard movement of today, the impractical indulgence, and the excited uproar create a notorious proforma.  Utilising  the belongings of others, for the timely benefit, pledging others property for own debts, selling others valuables to clear the  loan,  has been in vogue for quiet some time . An exposition of perfidy and treachery will lead to grotesque consequences. If besieged by legitimate queries the performer proclaims to commit suicide, thus trying to waive the confronts from the arena. Suicide is an act of cowardice, but what can be expected from such a blasphemous imbecile?

Life is precious than property , confirms on of the philosophical minded. But to me truth is precious than all. A right advance, a straight approach , a respectful  attitude,  a sumptuous pride , are the essential factors that govern  an  individual.Give the honourable placement to such ideals. The assured reward is triumph.