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Susceptible  to art , falling head over heels to music, indulging in reading  unmindful of time ,unaware of the external, are the compeling  part of me . The engrossment , at times borders on craziness, a weakness , I feel , which pushes me to spend extravagantly .

Of late , I am trying to overcome this slipshod attitude ,which takes a predominance  during my  rare sojourns outside my town. The bit of shopping , I do , turns out to be a fiasco, as I forget the important and delve in accumulating the artifacts. The surge is uproarious  and tumultuous. However , much , I combat to put down this allurement , I miserably fail. My shopping spree ends with the purchase of hand crafted decor, furniture embedded with mother of pearl, hand worked  place mats, embroidered bedspreads and bamboo table mats.  On certain occasions , I even acquire beautiful jewellery. I give my own ideas, though   am poor in drawing , I make the designer work on my principle , I hand over the designaed style to my jeweller, who takes pains to bring out the ornament , to my fullest satifaction. She , takes pride , in associating with me, I know not for what, because I myself feel that I am a little different from the crowd. Term it what you may, an eccentric, or a an extraordinarily brilliant, or a crazy mortal.I , for one do not tag with the rest, right from my young days. I’m fiercely independent, sharply sensitive, obstinately determined, and possess a head stuffed with peculiar ideals. I struggle , all these  years , to get on with  my siblings, and  my in laws. I did not  succeedin my effort.,and assure you , I Will never , at any cost , or at any time. Mostly, I remain out of the crowd. I am  a mute spectator to their misbehaviour, to their greedy overtures, and deceitful contemplation. The apparent perception, may seem that I have lost , I have been defeated. as I am deprived of my largess thatis due to me. I am cheated of my rightful asset. I may have lost my voice but fortunately  I have not lost my pride. My individualistic inclinations  still hold me together.

The relishing precept of me , that is the craziness of buying novel , intricate designs and art pieces make my life a blessed folio, a charming accolade,and an engaging pastime.  This avocation breaks the monotony of an otherwise modest  livelihood.