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Fascination Fabulous

A lovely child,

With a radiant smile,

With an  innocent  look,

With a godly spirit,

Is   fascination fabulous.




A beautiful flower,

With a colourful hue,

With a gentle bicker

With a smothering dangle

Is a fascination fabulous.



An ornate piece of art,

With gorgeous setting,

With  an impressive layout,

With an enchanting intricacy,

Is fascination fabulous.





A lively habitation,

With an enviable harmony.

With an elucidating compassion,

With an open disclosure,

Is fascination fabulous.

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The State Bank Of India – Connived Transparency.

Transparency in bank transactions is an high valued ethic. Any deal, whatsoever , should be governed by prescribed norms. It should undergo a thorough scrutiny . It must have a framed disclosure.It should lead to no digressions,  contain no ill conceived schemes,  consist no antithetical disbursement,  hold no prejudice ,   endeavour no underhand dealings and carry no unsolicited interpretations.

Such a constitution is an  existential  curiosity. A news clipping came out with a statistical data, that Banks in New zealand score high in the tranparent  category. They are resounding in integrity, and successful in emulating affability. The ir score is 14.

India ranks the lowest , with the score of 2. My bank , the largest in Asia , The State Bank of India,will be conferred a big zero.The attaining of Zero is a confirmed prologue,as the real value  of the bank vanishes  when it comes to the argument of transparency.

Transparency is an effective tool in tackling financial exclusion.Full disclosure identifies ,who the banks are reaching, and who are excluded.It also throws light on how the savings and resources are being invested,It provides opportunity to understand market trends and refine products  and services to serve local markets.It enables to  compare the performance  in a verifiable way, so as to  reward top performers and penalise those who fall short. 

Transparency , obviously ,is the basis of greater openness,and shared information that can facilitate,working partnership between banks and alternative lenders.Disclosures ,should include declined applications,pattern of usage, account dormancy,and should have a consistent presentation.Rendition of truth, compilation of facts should take the prerogative in the transparent disclosures.  A small business should be allotted the same  treatment as that of a large one. size  should not take the upper hand. The requirement, the necessity, the prospect of repayment should have a controlling effect. But , State bank Of India , has its own principles , stuck all through the decades,. They have  never changed, never been  modified , never altered . State bank  puts to embarrassment the real,genuine entity, but  worships the treacherous , insincere leviathans..

Its serpentine attitude  is vicious. Its foxiness is scandalous. Its bearish impudence is preposterous. Its cattish conceit is ravenous. Its elephantine resemblance is incredulous.

The conniving bureaucracy prevailing in State Bank of India , impose a demeaning, derogatory,  discomfiture.