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Karunanidhi in Wheels

The Lok sabha elections have given a vivacious jump to the ailing head of Tamilnadu. Known for his oratory, and astute statesmanship, Karunanidhi has proved himself as a veritable father too.He has assigned the state to his second son Stalin, the central minister ship, to his eldest son Alagiri, thus keeping the family safe from the rife  of sibling in fights. Alagiri ,has not contested so far, but now has emerged successful with thumping majority. His flamboyant ways should get tempered ,as he is about to assume the role of  Minister,and Karunanidhi is insisting that an important portfolio should be given to his son.

The elderly statesman, does not lie content wit this alone. He is demanding a position for his nephew, Dayanidhi Maran and also a junior status to his daughter Kanimozhi.A beautiful partition, has been accomplished. Even the emperors and Kings would not have executed  so meticulously.History tells us of  quarrels, feuds and upheavals. Son killing father for power, brother  murdering brother for kingdom, nephews striking against uncles for the throne, and conniving , scheming behind the curtains ,thus causing a compulsory threat to the ruler.

Karunanidhi, a poet himslf, and a voracious reader had made a research of such extraneous incidents, analysed the piquancy of the problems, deliberated on the confiscations,and drew a game plan this year. Physical discomfort , did not deter his mind set. On the contrary , the sickness has invigorated his acumen.He quietly decided to pitch his tomboy Alagiri for the Parliament election. He was fully assured , that this offspring  of his will  by hook or crook will win ,if allotted a seat. He has won,much to the relief of his soft natured brother..The stage has been set. karunanidhi ,has played a pivotal role.Till now,his game has worked .

Is this tale not amazing? Is it not more fantastic than a fairy tale?

Long ,long ago, so long ago, there lived a king, so opens the fairy tale. Our fascinating story opened eight six years ago, when the child named karunanidhi was born to Anjagam of Tiruvarur.The humble household has given to the world a man with powerful eloquence,  a poet with a mastery over Tamil, a prose writer of merit, ,an erudite politician, a shrewd businessman, who has made tonnes and tonnes of money in politics. He  has cashed on his ailment and infirmity. As every  fairy tale ends , they lived happily ever after, our story also winds up with a  similar ending, that Karunanidhi and his family will live immensely happy hereafter, in pomp and splendour.