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Congress -Encore-Indian verdict.

The dainty Manmohan has captured people’s faith,by his demure demeanour,condescending behaviour  ,simple speech and radical thinking.His personality is one which commands respect. His academics is one which draws brilliance. His tenure as a bureaucrat , is one which shows no blemish.His Primeministership, is one ,which exhibits his tenacity.

The congress has been given a liberal chance , this time  by the electorate.This majority, should  ease the governance, as it is not restricted by different parties, with dissimilar ideologies.The main thrust  by the people on the Congress, is to give them a stable government. The party should live up to the hope of the people .

Manmohan Singh , has vast experience , both as an officer, and as the head of the cabinet. His charm lies in his diplomatic and affable interaction with the opposition and with his own party-men.The major homework , the Prime Minister has to do is  in choosing the right person for the right portfolio. Many diplomats , economists ,and qualified persons have been elected. Manmohan , has to make a impressive calculation and a nonchalantexamination in selection.He should not succumb to political frenzy and bigwigs pressure. He has a long rope in his hand, in the formof  respectable majority which will aid him in providing impeccable governance.

The electorate has reposed entire trust in Manmohan. They have ,after 60 years of independence  understood the meaning of election. The incumbent government,has been subjected to large scale interruptions by the allies.that the performance was not noteworthy.There was a phenomenal threat from the communist parties ,when the Nuclear deal came to the table. There was  skirmishes from regional parties , who had lent support to the government. There was also unprecedented pressure in allotting important portfolios to the parties to the allies. This commitment hampered the delivery of sporadic rule.

The present verdict by the people has given an absolute free deal. Manmohan can go headway with his economic reforms, industrial policies, social agendas and infrastructure development without any breakdowns. Education has to be given special care, as it is the holds the key for future resurgence. Health , has to be given prominence, as there is enormous spread of cancer and immediate casualty of myocardial infraction.The industrial sector has had a severe beating ,during the last two years. They should be addressed to and a proper methodology should be launched to make a recovery.Trading sector, stocks and commodities has had a thrashing in recent quarters.. The stability of the government , will assure the market of security ,and is cautiously nourished will  hasten to a steep rise in months to come.

Manmohan must inculcate a sense of discipline among the parliamentarians. The interest of the nation should come first. The personal scoring should occupy the back seat.

A big “Best of Luck” to Manmohan , as he is opening a new innings.