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Born To Buy .

The attitude “Born to buy ,not to sell “is a beautiful idiomatic introspection.. The concept may look like an euphoria, sound exactly like a soothing prediction.The inimical style of practice of always acquiring properties, commodities , consumer durables, dress, furniture and several other articles  professes illogical epitome.

A consideration of accumulating wealth is a noteworthy achievement, but at times of emergency this fancy should yield to reality. The blind faith  of withholding assets , in the expectation of sorting out the debts by borrowings , is an extermely  puzzling feverish sigma.

A family , I know , saddled with extravagant liabilities, refused to part even with a small  item , but indulged in setting of the debtors , by bribing the middle men ,thus ensuing the postponement of the d -day. They  did  diversify  the attention for a specific time frame, but in the process lost mostof their valuable properties , by way of auction , by liquidation procedure, by annihilating  the property  to the business debtors for the debts. The whole exhaustive determination could have been saved , if they have sold one property ,

Clearing of debts , by selling unencumbered assets is not a shameful thought. Instead , it raises the image of the person manifold among the community. It earns a reputation , that he thoroughly honours his words and can be trusted for even a better forfeiture

The materials disposed can be easily acquired, once the business picks up, once the credibilty  is redeemed . The name and fame which get electrocuted by misbehaviour  and treacherous  traits will not regain the original  sheen , and the luminous lustre. A glass broken is , broken forever , it cannot be aligned once again, however much we  try. So is the reputation. The calculation of wealth   will go down after a sale of an asset. The valuation will diminish , but like a broken  piece of wood can be  mended  back to its original shape by manoeuvring on its tenacity. So is the value of money.

An unrequited adherence to uncertain equations will lead to trouble, will land in fear and will shroud in defamation .