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A Chain Of Events.


Heavy schedule. simultaneous appointments, and whirlwind travel,marked the day. The weather was pretty hot. The travel was quite unpleasant, punctuated by  both humidity and rugged route. But except for these discomforts, it was delightful. day from dawn to dusk. Meeting people ,exchanging pleasantries,were  a soothing experience, quiet away from the daily chores of official duties. A break of such a kind gives an assuaging tempo  to the overworked mind and rejuvenates the tired body.

Well. the day began with a quick shower.Had a quick dress up and proceeded to the house warming function of a good friend.I was  among the early visitors. The rituals were on and the warm reception they gave made me  feel very important .I had an opportunity to meet many familiar and unknowns. I picked up  few good  accomplice. The host did not allow me  to move out of the venue ,till the most vital formality was over. We were given a  delicious breakfast.

As the time for the next function was  approaching, I took leave  and dashed to the marriage of a relative’s daughter.I  had to cover 110 kms, and we did in an hour and a half , much faster than we usually do. The marriage was in progress. we were meted out with a grand welcome and treated with a sumptuous lunch. We blessed the bridal pair.

Another surprising and unexpected event took place. We were lead to enquire the birth of a grandaughter in the next house. Incidentally , the child happened to be my  grandchild born in January . I was  doubly happy . The in laws of my son, more so  their entire clan were overwhelmingly gracious . It turned out to be a memorable moment.

So , as course of event , I had a sequential chain , first a house warming function, then a wedding, finally a birth of a child. It is an  unexpected successive progress, but a very related and  an enchanting day .