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Why? Why? Such Killings.

The year is running fast

it is going to close

there had been many tasks

all marched in rows

the major factor being one of peace

which has been torn to piece

there being profuse gunshots and killings

Paris and Malte being the recent fillings

know not for what they kill en mass

the lives of thousands  are at risk  in toss

they kill others and themselves in course

the world is shocked beyond  the force

the question why, why , strikes all through

not able to find the answer be that true.paristribute



A Poem To Cherish

It is so lovely and beautiful

  my little one’s write is so graceful
the words are simple and sweet
ring in my ears in lovely  beats
I  miss you my beloved straightaway
wish to be with you always
your poem could be no better
it is like  a jewel that glitters
Meenakshi, I love you so much
you and I are one and the same as such.M letter

Hip Hip Horray

bells are ringing

all the boys hip hip horrayare singing
all the girls are dancing
i am missing my grandmother very much
i cant wait to see her
cause shes my favourite
she has the same name as mine
now lets spell her name M-E-E-N-A-K-S-H-I
(A poem written by my nine year old grand daughter. It is her maiden poem. Comments are welcome.The little girl would feel happy to read them.)

Negotiate Through The Bends —Allegory

It was down the lane
bumps and potholes in the plane
faltered and slipped all the way
managed to walk with caution in a way
reached the destination all secure
it being a patient endure
could this be drawn in life too
where we live without any clue
what could be and what would happen
could the spirits freeze and dampen
anyhow life has to come to an end
after a negotiate through the bends.negotiate through

A Little Over There.

A little over there

could be for care

there be nothing to share

did nothing to  dare

nor did anything to  fare

it lay  plain and over therebare

could it be a snare

no not but being rare

it caught up in a flare

exhumed in the glare

be the end of the stare.


A Walk By The Lovely River.

A walk by the  lovely river

where there is no noise  whatsoever

the flow of the river  is music  intense

the tweets of birds strike a cadence

the cool breeze strikes the face gently

being an inspiration lovely

the stray incidents of a dog’s bark in terms

heard occasionally  in irregular rhythms

could be the only jarring notes all round

the trees stand majestically all around

solicit you with a love unknown and yielding walk by the river.

what more could there be in the morning

a sullen and serene walk with an invigoration.

The Green Chilly

The green chilly

at times is small

smaller it is really

spicier it be  eventually

the bigger it is  incidentally

milder it becomes naturally

that goes with its size

have it seems nice

its  presence is a must

never it is thrown  into dust

a little of it adds taste

an excess  forces one  to turn haste

use it with a caution

instil a little deliberation

the glimmering green  colour

would refresh  you with a vigour.







green chiily 1