Daily Archives: November 18, 2015

A Bait.

Being a bait

knew not how to disassociate

tried to negotiate.

The Colourful Sunset.

The sky looks strange

exhibits  an orange hue

seeing from a range

I get no clue .


It is late in the evening

the sun is about to sink

it looks like a  big ring

going down through the brink.


The bluish sky almost looks dull

grey tone has settled in fast

the sun looks like a circle full

gleaming  in a  peculiar cast.


The orange tinge overwhelms

the variance in hue exalts

the mild  ball like float in the realm

makes the dusk gleam without a fault.


As all features need a resilient status

the orange ball resumes its descent

it goes down into the blue sea  in focus

the colours  portray themselves in the crescent.


Governance Otherwise

Heard of a governance

which presses in no  skill

lacks all the required reference

always ready with the bill

execution is at the least

go about with their collections

accomplish  none without a cheat

had been the way of administration

mostly power reigns in exactness

while money is into the participation

the work  falls into the wilderness

the machinery is geared up all the more

while a show up of implications go

the governance enters with a force

the expenditure is drawn from below

a strategic way to hide up the accounts

thus runs the governance in my country

doing nothing but accounting everything e-governance-service-250x250




Writes In variance.

writing-an-intention   A  write with an intention

a write with a passion

differs in proportion

intention is ruled by the mind  in general

passion is controlled by the  heart in general

I am not writing anything new

just penning what all of you knew

what all of us know

any attempt with a wish becomes narrow

the thoughts would  circle around gains

could  be an attempt of feign

one of passion would be spontaneous

would reflect a contemplation vigorous

would turn out to be  in faith

a projection of loveliness and sensibility.