Daily Archives: November 6, 2015


Banana is yellow

liked by every other fellow

delicious to follow.banana

The Smocked Frocks.

A frock I like

a smocked one I admire

the intricacies that go with it

the stitches create a fascination

the minute ones need  attention

not ordinary but concentrated

the small buds over there

look like stars with a twinkle

all  done by hand with great skill

bless the hands that do these

I marvel at the work  for long

each one looks so delicate

each one has a lovely felicitate

a handcraft not found in plenty

could turn a dying art if not  cared

the skilled craftswomen be identified

a patronage has  to be extended

if the craft has to prosper.smocked frocks Pink

Like To Be Frivolous.

FrivolousIt is a routine

day in and day out

the same old  practice

the rising, eating, and sleeping

want to break it for a day

tried to the best

could not do at any cost

have been brought up

have lived all along

impossible it is

one day, I should

sleep the whole day

eat the whole day

be awake all through

frivolous it sounds

being silly at times

lends a fun and a relax.

Worse Than A Steal

My phone rings

not a time

many a time

a convenience  thereto

the number being reflected

I rush to pick the call

the ring stops

I look at the number

seems to be very familiar

last, I know the caller

who calls me when in need

else,  never calls

not even to be courteous

such a pretext I do hate

such an action is hard to rate

most are similar

become familiar

when they require

otherwise, keep away

a clevercallness they feel

I think in a variant

it is absolute deceit

worse than a steal.