Daily Archives: November 7, 2015

A Wind-up

refugeesIt is  wind-up

could be a total pack up

could be for the good

as the entire brood

apprehensive  of violence

move out of the disturbance

walk they for stretches

sail they in the barges

braving all odds

battle with the fraud

reach the shore

the border force roar

send them back to the sea

stranded they put forth a plea

days together they stay there

the conditions being bare

no food, no water, no shelter

yet they wait for the care

their plight so pathetic

expecting a move strategic

would they find a roof?

a question with a limitation.

The Cause Of Crisis

crisisThe elaboration and the elongation

the description and the depiction

the speculation and the specifications

have to end up in a regulation

a prolong and a procrastination

would defy  a progression

would deny a promotion

would lead to a collapse

perhaps would  relapse

a difficulty would surface

though in phases

a crisis in a maze

would pitch you in a daze

The Root Cause Of All Evil

The comparisons all the way

an equation in the sway

the left-hand side  is equal

to the right-hand side  a sequel

in algebra all the more

turns in real life a bore

a mother does this unknowingly

one child with another seemingly

a teacher does this with a show

one student with another in the row

these be the starting of animosity

a sharp blow on the virtuosity

anger surges in slow degree

hatred cumulates with a fury

leads to  vengeance and attack

end up in bloodshed in  a stack

the root cause for all evil in  real comparison