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The Blind And The Bold.

A man  tried to cross the road all carefully.

Counting each step he took  attentively.

Tapping his way with a white long stick.

Expressing  cheer without  a slightest tick.


Another man followed him with ease.

With eyes focused elsewhere emitting a tease.

Waving an expensive mobile phone proudly. 

Guffawing with impertinence rather hoarsely.


The first man passed through sensibly. 

With ears  wide open to sound totally.

With mind  alert to the hubbub deliberately.

 Walked ahead unscathed heroically.


The second one got caught in the milieu.

With ears  stuck to the mobile with all due.

Absolutely engrossed in the talk all through.

Slipped into a tumble with a big hue.



The first one had eyes bare.

 Saw only dark nothing rare.  

Distinguished every sound to detail.

Took unhurried steps which carried him without fail.


The eyes of the second were bright.

Saw nothing beside the light.

Oblivious to sound on the right.

He was overthrown by a speeding car -a gory sight.



It is not the  apparent loss that affects.

It is the  real attention that diverts.

The challenged gets ahead.

The fit loses his head.





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A Boisterous Threat.

Trees were in full bloom.

Colorful  flowers were in full blossom.

Lascivious  fruits hung heavily.

Little birds chirped crisply.

Bees buzzed with a drone.

Adding  charm to the zone.


The land stands bare.

There are no trees to stare.

There are no bearer of fruits juicy.

There are no blossoms to  make  flowering  lovely.

There are no loving hosts to hold birds chatter.

There are no lively relays to deliver the bees humming with cheer. 


The ground is loaded with mortar and concrete.

Buildings go up in stylish lanky upbeat.

Displaying colors of morbid paints.

Distracting the original inhabitants.

Chasing them out of their dwellings

Disturbing the environment out of its rings.


Threats come in different forms.

Destroying everything over the norms.

Invasions are considered as heroic deeds.

Assassinations are out of  greed.

Harassment indicate a cruel impertinence.

Deforestation is  a crime beyond penance.




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The Virtual Takes Over – An Allegory.

The gangrene  is in the foot.

It is ferociously angry .

It resembles a reddish flame.

The sore falls apart.

Blood oozes out.

It  glitters  unashamed.

It looks horrible and ugly.


Subscribing much towards an abstract gangrene.

It lies deep in the heart.

It is rudely ferocious.

It is soaked in jealousy.

It exhibits animosity.

The abscess bursts with force.

Letting out ill will and venom in one go.


The physical affliction is unbearable.

The wound heals up with care.

The mental agony dispels hope.

The extradition becomes a torture.

The body heals.

The mind suffers.

It is the non existent that truly exists.






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Spiteful Thou Art

To spite  has become his way of life.

To gibber  uncharitable words is his strife.

To  speak like an uncivilized is his feature.

To behave unpleasantly is his culture.

To stare with all evil is his light.

From the very day he was born right.


Mortal’s Imagination.

It is the thought to give that holds attention.

It is the mind to share that sets the ball in motion.

It is the desire to pardon that leads to a promotion.

It is the tendency to ignore shortfalls that enhances the affiliation.

It is the stoicism to remain silent that elevates the reposition.

It is the grace to accept everything with equanimity is an alleviation.

It  is the privilege to take up a cause extols a fabulous distinction.

It is the selective choice to live in style that enables cumulative accumulation.

It is the step that leads to the pinnacle engrosses a gratification

It is that which makes us human invites a sound distribution.

  Thus goes on the story of the mortal’s imagination.

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Degrees Of Comparisons.

Getting along  smooth is great.

Going with the tide is greater.

Standing out from the rest is greatest.

Degrees of comparisons trigger rates.


The positive makes the eyes race.

The comparative releases an amaze.

The superlative lets out an ablaze

The attitudes give a lively interface.


Life moves on with grace.

There are no entwining brace.

There is no debasing haze.

None the less there  is a glimmering gaze. 



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The Code Of Expressions.

Expressions  are various.

Expressing  well is an art  indigenous .

Expressing ill is a skill disastrous .

Expressing sense is a practice harmonious.

Expressing rot is a vocation dangerous.

Expressing joy is a design felicitous.

Expressing sadness is an exercise torturous.

Expressions  involve a grandeur infectious.

Expressions  entertain a cordiality delicious.

Expressions go about to form a discipline luminous.




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The Importance Of Reading.

Reading well enhances knowledge.

The  well read  impart best tutelage.

Reading thorough directs  a lovely arrange.

Intensive read indicates a wholesome average.

Reading entire releases a fine coverage.

In depth read embarks on a neat footage.

Reading persistently revives an extensive  foliage.

A comprehensive read  for sure expresses a leverage.

 Reading with  love is a lively  delightful  anchorage.

 Stimulating  read is  more or less like a  refreshing beverage. 

Reading  makes a man learned all through the age.

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A Feel On Writing.

Writing is for pleasure .

Writing is to be cherished as a treasure.

Writing brings about undue  pressure.

Writing  is  an activity of leisure

Writing is a  quality to ensure.



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Round The Clock.

The work  is round the clock.

It goes  smooth without a block.

It is  lively beyond the lock.

It is diligently  enrolled into a flock.


Thoughts go  round and round the clock.

They gather strongly through  the rock.

They never assume a  deriding mock.

They oscillate  stealthily in a tick tock.

They drive towards a  legitimate dock.


The results show  publicly round the clock.

Some  signify a joyous stock.

Some  also denote a sad stalk.

They propose  an acceptance without a shock.

They incessantly revolve round the entire talk.


The world is governed by the clock.

Actions  occur in an ad hoc.

The living is through an interlock.

Disaster creeps in when anything goes  anti clock.

A facile move instills a glorious knock.