A World Without Internet.

I am a lazy bone

like not to go out

the home being alone

my place throughout.


A phone call from wherever

I am at the moment

brought the requirements forever

purchase was never a torment.


Being so a few years back

the invasion of the internet

has put me in a different track

I order and receive without any bet.


That way it is becoming easier

the online orders so quickly  placed

receive them at the door  not any further

the direct purchase is slowly out  phased.


The news comes to my desk

not I  walk to the gate

the internet acts brisk

flashes  the latest  without an abate.


Not withholding my writing

I  publish my posts from anywhere

never do I wait for any testing

such as the procedures  everywhere.


Never away from music at all times

I listen to my favourite musicians

through the you tube  as it chimes

the latest hits  of them in a manner  decisive.


Imagine a world without internet

never could I dream of it in a sense

as it has  most promisingly set

an indefatigable  presence.



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The World’s Woe

A terror alert in India

neighbours turn foes

be not only in India

that be the world’s woe.


Imagine yourself as a human

take away the religion  and beliefs

you being a man

would  grant you great relief.


Imagine yourself to be a kind

look at the people around with love

be they of any race in a find

consider them as your kin and allow.


The spirit of love is wonderful

a kind word to the distressed

would make him  smile beautiful

try to mitigate his stress.


Need not spend millions  on projects

a word and a hand would do

a sure way to smother the  regret

that way you could go.


If all of us in the world think like

terrorism would run away

it would not be able to strike

as all of us jointly could push it away.


I am not a preacher as you could conclude

I am a human simple and soft

I fear terrorism and  all its include

I wish to see the world fly aloft

with no apprehension of terrorism at all.border-story+_647_092815051819











The World Knows.

A strategy it is
a plan so subtle
a decision very impractical
being a proposition
with a move not straightforward
boosting the status sky high
talking of capacities that do not exist
has led to an incredible fiasco
finally an acceptance of the status
a reconciliation whatsoever
know where you stand
not where you imagine
know your actual worth
not the fanciful value
know your intellectual capacity
not the fictitious faculty
the world has eyes all through
could find your merit in no time
the people would stick a label
that be your intrinsic worth

content. Poetry

I Am An Architect.

What a world I could make?

as all seem to be in a fake

a creation in a dream

with illuminations in a gleam

would be the best possibility

Yes, I see around in style

the land that surrounds me

supplies all I want without trial

I find a cheerful abundance

which call not for any reference

the prosperity  overwhelms

beyond the specified realms

I  hover around with eyes open

I  could spot nothing inferior even in token

the children play and learn with a relish well looked after with

well looked after with a cherish

the aged walk in an elegant stride

share their experience  with pride

not one of them staggers or wobbles

look fresh and free of troubles

the commercial  transact  in terms straightforward

no deals are performed  with an exchange inward

threats of terrorism  have no place

if at all they are  gimmicks in case

hijack is an absentee in the  world  of mine

the hide and seek takes place in a shine

abuse and misuse are not  thought  at all

be them in words, matter or material   in call

women are held in high esteem

never they undergo hardships extreme

distinctions between poor and rich are unknown

as everyone is moderately  well off and well known

with a lovely house and a caring family

a job well paid and no struggle in the rally

the life in my world goes about  happily

a gracious blessing it is hopefully

Well, this would be the world I wish to make

simple as it could be  easy to take

I want no frills or drills along the sides

I require plain transparency with no abide

If this world could be created as I wish

I see a Heaven on earth with  an eternal bliss.

Lovely is my circumspection by all  deeds

Great it would be if I succeed!baby and grandmother .

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Contentment count fingers peace Poetry salvage.

The World I Make

I wish tobaby-counting live in a world of my own

which I will never disown.

I love a world all for myself

none others to bother the self

been born out of a mother

my thoughts are invalid rather

as I come from the womb

I see many others in the room

the gynecologist and her team

announce the birth with a beam

the crowd around rejoices  aloud

my mother  curls in a shroud

then  I see many faces

which would play a role in phases

I cry in a full-throated ease

as I lie in a distinctive freeze

Could I remake the world?

If so how would it be?

My little fingers unfold

the thumb says in a voice  bold

first there should be no fraud

all things should be straight

conceal nothing from sight

the pointing finger juts out

I foresee an accusation throughout

primarily it counts on behavioural trends

condemns rapes with a mighty bend

the middle finger long and  slim

talks  slowly of the issues in dim

the child abuse is a detraction grave

the  contention of the ring finger is brave

modestly puts forth the hardships of slaves

though it is less  it still plays

the biggest  issue in mind

the tiniest finger finds

the finger drums on Peace  and Contentment

both require a dedication and commitment

my fingers close in a clasp  so tight

reluctant to open out anymore

the child in me wakes up with a startle

preparing to face the  battle

unleashed by the external forces

meantime sleep overtakes me by force

well, could I create such a world as I envisage?

mind you that would prove to be a great salvage

a world without greed, deceit and strain

would be a Heaven where you feel no pain

Could I create such a world?

I would, I swear by my word!


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ease. fallacy Poetry tease

The Stick -Ons

The fallacy around

keeps us in-bound

bear it with a frown.

The society dictates

it also initiates

try not to deviate.

The community fetters

it might also shatter

hope it is not a threat.

The relationship quips

it would also peep

let not it limp.

The world laughs  with a tease

likely to guffaw with an ease

certainly  not a stick-ons-1please.

That way the man has to live

with a strange believe

Is it for a relieve?

perpetuation Poetry

A Perpetuation.

The days come and go
we sleep and wake
happenings go on
nothing much of a change
a routine with a monotony
Well, to bring life
we have to celebrate
with A New Year
and to drive the fear
we face life with cheer
that way the world moves on
with births and deaths
with happiness and sorrow
all entwined with one another
that be the way we live
not we alone as seems
those of our ancestors lived
those of our progenperpetuationy would live.



Tired is the world 

No life in the eyes 

That sees around,tired


Little Away from The World.

A little away from the world 

 a  small distance from the people

 a  break from the relations 

a flight from the friends 

 has been a lovely status 

keeps the peace  in mind

 the mind is at rest 

 the physic is in the flow

thoughts run not slow 

 there transcends a  bliss 

 know not how to explain.

away from the world


The Distinctions.

Regional the likes be
Continental the dishes be .
national the interests be
International the attractions be.
The culture is centric
there be a difference eccentric
with the attire an idealistic
the diction being distinctive.

There is a demarcation direction wise.
The eastern becomes traditional wise
with the western transforms to modernise
there be not any conceptualization otherwise.

The economy stands on a variation
The currency is in a fluctuation
The high and low causes the friction.
The exchange creates a distinction.

There is a valid demonstration
that of a lovable interaction
gives way to a comprehension
there ends up a delineation.

Goes the world so in a rotation
with the day and night in transmission
the days gather a nomination.
the nights conclude the denomination.