The World’s Woe

A terror alert in India

neighbours turn foes

be not only in India

that be the world’s woe.


Imagine yourself as a human

take away the religion  and beliefs

you being a man

would  grant you great relief.


Imagine yourself to be a kind

look at the people around with love

be they of any race in a find

consider them as your kin and allow.


The spirit of love is wonderful

a kind word to the distressed

would make him  smile beautiful

try to mitigate his stress.


Need not spend millions  on projects

a word and a hand would do

a sure way to smother the  regret

that way you could go.


If all of us in the world think like

terrorism would run away

it would not be able to strike

as all of us jointly could push it away.


I am not a preacher as you could conclude

I am a human simple and soft

I fear terrorism and  all its include

I wish to see the world fly aloft

with no apprehension of terrorism at all.border-story+_647_092815051819










Poetry stars

The Wednesday’s And Friday’s Child

Wednesday’s child is full of woe
goes the rhyme in a row
each day’s child has a quality
assigned perhaps to rhyme with validity
so does the stars have characteristics
each one tries to be futuristic
the child’s star foretells his sway
could also direct his way
do they concur or not is any one’s belief
a good prediction releases a relief
a bad one gives a hard feel with frustration
well, the astrologer’s are not incarnations
have their own defaults to an extent
take it or not it is your own talent
sayings are not maxims with an authority
guide or misguide one without authenticity
so goes the rhyme Friday’s child is full of grace
whilst I know children of both days in a phase
none agree to the terms and conditions as set forth
sisters who were born on these days whom I know
easily slip into the other day’s mantle in the go.Wednesday's child