Peace Untold

Back at home
I stay inside

None around me
I stay alone.

The parlour looks gorgeous,
I enjoy in solitude.

The patio is noiseless,
I inhale serenity.

The garden is heavenly
I perceive beauty.

The kitchen is quiet
I feel happy.

Infinite occupies in proportion
I am impressed.

No boundaries
to circumspect.
I am thrilled.

I experience tranquillity
empowering itself- an excitement
in all dimensions.

Emphatic is the presence
one of peace,
resonates in a melody.

Imbibe I the solace
one of beatitude,
resurrects a grace.




The hands fold
along with a lovely smile
a gracious sign.namaskaram

Poetry stars

The Wednesday’s And Friday’s Child

Wednesday’s child is full of woe
goes the rhyme in a row
each day’s child has a quality
assigned perhaps to rhyme with validity
so does the stars have characteristics
each one tries to be futuristic
the child’s star foretells his sway
could also direct his way
do they concur or not is any one’s belief
a good prediction releases a relief
a bad one gives a hard feel with frustration
well, the astrologer’s are not incarnations
have their own defaults to an extent
take it or not it is your own talent
sayings are not maxims with an authority
guide or misguide one without authenticity
so goes the rhyme Friday’s child is full of grace
whilst I know children of both days in a phase
none agree to the terms and conditions as set forth
sisters who were born on these days whom I know
easily slip into the other day’s mantle in the go.Wednesday's child

father goad mother Poetry

The Way I was Brought UP

hanna-parents-5The way I was brought up

in grace and comfort all in ups

yet with a discipline untold

never was allowed to fold

learnt the lessons of life either wise

both hard and easy  in tries

a mother always firm and watchful

a father mostly busy but wonderful

in a surround genial and generous

guests hopped and flocked most times

food served with warmth all times

did nothing  of the household chores

yet observed them with a force

directions came from mom then and there

earned distinctions and prizes fair

excelled in music and dance all the more

never was allowed to come to the fore

a restriction on socializing was implemented

a freedom on activities special got supplemented

with in-house tutors and books to assist

read with interest not once desisted

altogether was fondled and shaped with  caution

Did I rise up to  my mom’s expectation?

She  goaded me to do more and more

and wanted me to  reach the galore.

That much I know of my mother’s wish

know not whether I  attained the status.


A Land Lovely

It is a land
looks very grand.
holds a happy band
with people in brand.
a joyful lucky lot
who never fought
always live together
work hard rather
a friendly clan
act with a plan
prosperous they are
they not go far
stay around the place
survive with a grace.
a rare sight as of now
an exceptional group
a charming troupe
lovely land.


Grace be With You

Grace be with you
called a voice
startled by the call
rushed to see
who it would be?

Seeing none out there
turned back with a fear
as none would call out so loud
crossed the door with a thought
heavy and full of despair .

There again called the voice
Grace be with you
holding the heart
that jumped out
I moved forward.

Seeing none again there
closed the door firmly
wishing not to hear once more
but the voice again rose up
with the Grace be with you.

I sat tightly on my chair
feeling that this is but a mischief
played well by my grandson
who thinks I am his playmate
wanting to make a fool out of me.



The Graceful Little Girl

The little girl  is a catchy one

with beautiful eyes and lovely nose

eyes sparkling all the more with a glow

while  the lovely nose gives her a profile

so elegant and regal   with a dignity on the way.



Must be enchanting to see her

You might secretly wish to glance at her

but she remains exclusive all the more  so

bubbling with an overwhelming enthusiasm

circling round her family and  close friends.



Being kept so by her mother in total exclusiveness

fearing any evil eye would bring harm to her daughter

the little girl surpasses anybody’s   idea all the more

excelling in attitude  and movement  with a grace

that  places her in a pedestal of grandeur.


If the little one appears in public

she is sure to raise the bar

as all eyes that fall on her all the more

would find themselves hard to transfer their sight

and see some one or other mundane and ordinary.



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Greatly Done.

It is a greeting

early in the morning

coming with a singing

with a voice ringing

giving  out in spacing

that of great welcoming

iwelcomean invitation to gracing

well that is encouraging

very truly loving

and greatly endearing.



The Gradience

Refinement in behaviour is felt

dynamism in attitude is seen

ease in interaction is expressed

clarity in diction is pronounced

grace in speech is found

wealth in store is known

not in the excess  of money

but in the largess of heart.

grace in speech





The Girl Graceful

With a facial done  minutely 

touching the eye brows  carefully

straightening the hair neatly

adding colour to the cheeks daintily

applying lipstick on  the lips colourfully

lifting the face with a foundation firmly

doing up with a moisturizer  simply

she looked bright and cheerful

clad in a pretty attire  wonderfl

a combination of pastel colours in full

pink, yellow and light green  in tone

she was a cynosure all eyes well borne

as the slight toning added  grace  as shown

even without it she would be perfect

as she be a beauty with keen features intact

sharp and aquiline

chiselled and Roman

expressing exuberance and  poise  adequate

both in behaviour and etiquette

solemn in outlook  always

wise in approach  all days

elegant in movement

one could go on  in a denouement

elaborating her personality in detail

but as everything need to end  with a deal

there be an end to description in style

as it would be superior  and nice

if one sees her Raja-Ravi-Vermas-Painting with his  own eyes.