Peace Untold

Back at home
I stay inside

None around me
I stay alone.

The parlour looks gorgeous,
I enjoy in solitude.

The patio is noiseless,
I inhale serenity.

The garden is heavenly
I perceive beauty.

The kitchen is quiet
I feel happy.

Infinite occupies in proportion
I am impressed.

No boundaries
to circumspect.
I am thrilled.

I experience tranquillity
empowering itself- an excitement
in all dimensions.

Emphatic is the presence
one of peace,
resonates in a melody.

Imbibe I the solace
one of beatitude,
resurrects a grace.



A Voice For Poetry

Everything said there be a point

that needs the best  follow-up

discreetly left from notice

that kept haunting me all over

prompted by many to speak it out

kept quiet all time  in silence

watching the happenings in rapt  attention

surprised to see  the  hub and the excitement

being the need of hour is not that

but a serious consideration of what to be added

each one shouting  with fervour

wanting to be heard in the milieu

letting off the vital and the realism

that confounds the topic in discussion

with that I stood up

and in my usual soft yet stern voice

that which should be includes is not

what all of you are crying foul

it is poetry that should get the priority

as it being a voice of the most creative person

coming out with a speed and spur

putting out in style the mechanism

that would seem to lack interest

if not for this vehicle.




An Interesting Post.

The post that calls your attention

that needs your retention

is indeed an attraction

that  makes one read and read

with an interest indeed

advancing a  fine lead .


It takes you  along the ride

with a gentle tickle on the stride

where thee is nothing to hide

hide it may be so subtle

that not causes a hustle

but  puts you through the bustle.


In goes the lively deal

with a thrilling feel

extending  a warm heal

thereby they bring out an episode

beautifully  narrated within the board

fairly a strong and powerful  expression on load.


That be the grip the read tends

allowing a mirth in the trend

goes so all through the bend

holding the reader’s attention in rapt

as he in the course adapts

forgetting himself in the lovely pact.




The Call Of Birthdays.

Fascination about birthdays

excitement over that special day

the fun that comes with it freely

and the joy that brings to the child naturally

could be expressed in no way.


The child about  four to ten mostly

feels at the top of the world intensely

as eyes run round her keenly

while she is cutting the cake gleefully

hearing the Happy Birthday cries.


The tempo goes on for ever almost

as certain individuals   on the  most

go through  the same thrill  utmost

with an even more exaltation foremost

as they cut their cake happily


ninety-one candles  lit.


Birthdays bring joy for children primarily

with a new dress and a celebration  regularly

while the  seniors  go with the rituals fervently

with a fear in mind and a desire to  have a longevity

hoping not to suffer any malady and illness

but badly wanting to extend life with a fullness.young-kids-at-a-birthday-party





Thrill And Excitement.

The thrill and excitement
that prevailed so long
had suddenly disappeared
emanating from the dealings
with people knowing very little
yet posing defiant and knowledgeable
supporting their arguments
with facts and figures
appropriate to their own terms
befitting their own reliability
Once, to the great surprise
brought a carton of accounts to court
written for years together
accounted in a language
not familiar to the land
where the judges and the officials
know that there exists a language
but know not a word of it
Seeing them carry up and down
was a scene of absolute ridicule
but to them it was an authentic presentation
illustrating their genuinity and business acumen
being a melodrama conducted by their solicitor.
Now,the curtains have been pulled down
and with that the excitement has vanished.thrill

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An Excitement

Seeing a flower is captivating

Hearing music  is enrapturing,

Smelling fragrance is pleasing,

Feeling happy is enchanting,

Living peacefully is ruminating,

Presenting an excitement all over.


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A Piece Of My Mind-Excitement -Morsel-2

Excitement makes you crazy, pushes you to  the extreme, lulls you to hypersensitivity and marshals you to incandescence. This virtuoso is dramatic in promise,  vivacious in speech,ineffectual in approach and erratic in action.

As a child ,I got excited ,when I went to the beach fronts.The white sand, the blue ocean ,the tides ebbing over and receding down, professed a charming expression. Children  used to play in the sand, dig wells and to their delight,, water gushed out, . In their excitement,  they moved a little beyond, engaged themselves in digging again. They rushed to the previous spot, and found out to their dismay that water had dried up. They also indulged in another sport.After heaping sand over their feet, they slowly pulled their feet out, to find a small mud hut with an entrance. They jumped in joy and promised to return the next day. The day after  proved a disappointment to them as their mud houses have fallen prey to the high tides.

The economy, so to say, is a part of this child like excitement,at present.The stocks shoot up in the morning, and the winning streak is there for a few hours , then it depletes. The  index builds up, edges slowly higher, and oscillates thus for a few days, then thud , it falls down. The fluctuations lead us to invest , to wait for a hike in percentage , and an unexpected bonanza that may land suddenly and take us out of the blue. This feverish tendency compels us to be in tenterhooks, always watchful and market based. The aggressive impulsion palpitates our rhythm and renders harm to the biological system and mental make up.

A practical advance in these impractical situations, is categorically  a significant catch. A less strain ,a minimal interest and a fraction of withdrawal from the fret zone will harbour us from failure and defeat, from morbidity and dereliction,and from taunt and scorn.

Excitement robs wealth.