Peace Untold

Back at home
I stay inside

None around me
I stay alone.

The parlour looks gorgeous,
I enjoy in solitude.

The patio is noiseless,
I inhale serenity.

The garden is heavenly
I perceive beauty.

The kitchen is quiet
I feel happy.

Infinite occupies in proportion
I am impressed.

No boundaries
to circumspect.
I am thrilled.

I experience tranquillity
empowering itself- an excitement
in all dimensions.

Emphatic is the presence
one of peace,
resonates in a melody.

Imbibe I the solace
one of beatitude,
resurrects a grace.


physical Poetry

Zero And Infinity

Zero and infinity are not one and the same.

Zero is a nothing almost bare.

infinity is everything uncountable.

To me,  both look one and the same

as Zero  encompasses everything in nothing

while infinity encircles so many things beyond

this might be that and that might be this

not in real terms but that could be in abstract.


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Nature in a Frame

It was a beautiful landscape.

Though  not  very extensive,

All forms were naturally shaped,

Flat, hilly, valley, padlock  all  in a derivative,,

Hedges , plants, shrubs, trees  altogether tufted,

Presenting  a picturesque bouquet decorative.

The rose plants displayed an exotic colourful hue,

Spreading  a lovely mild fragrance along the path,

The hedges extended a little high clue,

As they guarded the way without wrath,

The tall trees lent a shadowy cue,

As they gave a shelter with greenish bath.

The flowers blew over each other,

Raising a nostalgic intoxication,

The shrubs fell over one another,

Reviewing a  luxurious sensation,

The huge trees bowed  up and down on one another ,

Redirecting   a sumptuous  consultation.

The green grass ran  all through, 

In between the plants in  gaiety,

The thick green carpet   retold a grow,

As large  stretches  of  infinity,

The lush green lawns proposed a bow,

Commending the creators ability