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Nature in a Frame

It was a beautiful landscape.

Though  not  very extensive,

All forms were naturally shaped,

Flat, hilly, valley, padlock  all  in a derivative,,

Hedges , plants, shrubs, trees  altogether tufted,

Presenting  a picturesque bouquet decorative.

The rose plants displayed an exotic colourful hue,

Spreading  a lovely mild fragrance along the path,

The hedges extended a little high clue,

As they guarded the way without wrath,

The tall trees lent a shadowy cue,

As they gave a shelter with greenish bath.

The flowers blew over each other,

Raising a nostalgic intoxication,

The shrubs fell over one another,

Reviewing a  luxurious sensation,

The huge trees bowed  up and down on one another ,

Redirecting   a sumptuous  consultation.

The green grass ran  all through, 

In between the plants in  gaiety,

The thick green carpet   retold a grow,

As large  stretches  of  infinity,

The lush green lawns proposed a bow,

Commending the creators ability