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It Is Love— haiku.

It is love
a true and great love
a love genuine

It is love
an erotic and passionate love
a love infatuated.

It is love
an affectionate and unrequited love
a love motherly.

It is love
well accepted and looked up
a love great.

So be love
different and different in love
altogether is love.different love

The Temple festival

It is a temple festival
there is a carnival
year after year, it takes place
people from around race to see
the God with a personal plea
kavadis and paal kudams abound
the breaking of coconuts in the ground
has grown from hundreds to thousands
all along the procession route
their bhakthi bears fruit
the town council makes money
with the shops in makeshift funny
an amount of few hundred thousand
all from the rentals of hundred shops
a fairly good revenue each year
the council does nothing much to cheer
the management spends from their pocket
run the show without any brackets
the main aim is to honour the Lord
that they do without any fraud10420744_10205586177561391_8528200948246438069_n
nobility needs to be recognised
has to be honoured too.

A Character.

A call just now
a friend of mine spoke
so innocent in a row
feigned innocence in hold
she never looks bold
certainly a character to watch
you could never catch
she is so slippery and pleasant
moves about in a manner decent
what is in her mind no one knows
as she makes no foes
goes on with an ease in all
very careful not to tread and fall
intrudes stealthily into others
straightens herself from their curse
I, for one, got carried away
I have seen through the play
hereinafter I should be awry
as she is a being very scary.feigning_innocence_by_xxcarolinefirelilyxx-d68l42n

The Cycle Of Life.

The transitoriness bewilders
happen to see a procession
one of a wedding on the north
another of a death on the south
the one so happy and merry
the other sad and sullen
distracted I stand with eyes hovering
what to make out of the incidents?
birth and death happen day in and day out
rejoice and pain occur one after another
the way life revolves with fun and frolic
the way it rotates with melancholy and sadness
nothing is there for years together
nothing is constant all along
I stand there with an understanding
the old has to give way to the young
the dry leaves fall as new ones shoot
this be the course of the life cycle
the dead and the fresh alternate
they could be the punctuations
a pause, a forward, a straight walk
all seen in the experience it unfolds.

I And My Eye.

It is the I
that comes to my eye
whenever I g to buy
it is the I
as well as the eye.
whatever I try to tie
it is the I
as well as the eye
whenever I go in a shy
it is the I
as well as the eye.
however I try to utter a lie
it is the I
as well as the eye
the I in me
and the eyes of me
give me out.07f8c5274f5dfe7a770067d51c9ded9f

Hope Hold Me

The thoughts keep me in a cross
I have to, now and then, pause
they bind me and put me to a toss
hope holds me in its claws.

The languish and lethargy I undergo
is enough tp press me to a bow
I advance in measured time and slow
hope holds me in a flow.

The life I live is meaningless
has no significance and is senseless
I live so as to live in a less
hope share with me its bless.

If not for hope I would have gone long back
packed my bags and left it back
I sustain all these for a pack
that hope promises to extend to me on the trackThe_Only_Hope_by_Healzo