Daily Archives: April 18, 2015

A Bleed.

It is a bleed
a bloody bleed
comes from a creed
away in the field
a cruel attack
a complete ransack
a murderous attempt
with a blow fierce
down fell the head
rolled ahead
that be the end
a wicked send..a murder.

A Lady Of Charm.

Having been absent for long
she feels different in all
she could do nothing wrong
she is away from the throng.

Her presence is a welcome
she comes like a song melodious
her skill could source an income
her liveliness relieves the strenuous.

Quiet she was in all her actions
smart she was at the same time
measured she was in her interactions
focused she was at the same time.

That being her style of life
her moves are same in her attitude
placid and plausible in her strive
she is full of gratitude.