Poetry Tamil

Tamil — MY Mother Tongue

I talk in my mother tongue
Tamil being the tongue
I felt at home with my mother
so do I talk in the tongue of my mother
she had a great love for the vernacular
found mistakes in my writings without a binocular
I did learn English and French
could write and speak French
English is special to me
I mastered it with no fee
still I prefer my own language
as I wish to acknowledge
the richness and exuberance
the tamil epics and poetry are so intense
drama and novels are mind-blowing
its grammar and syntax are excruciating
Tamil is an ocean with references
I have a great reverence
and I salute its veracity
as it commands a versatility


Slowly I Do

Slowly I discover
what is under the cover
Slowly I unravel
what is in the travel?
Slowly I unfurl
what is behind a curl?
Slowly I undertake
what is on the take?
Slowly I deliver
what is beneath the lever?
Slowly I square up
what is between the steps?
Slowly I go
along with the flow.
slowly I would pass
totally into an impasse.slowly

Poetry significance

The Days In A Month

The significance of the day
takes me away
every day has an importance
with many attributes intense
One day they say is ashtami
not for actions in glee
another is navami
not bad in the see
so many mi’s come
sapthami, thasami a welcome
the full moon day is auspicious
so is the new moon day in spacious
so go the days through the month
give us an information in strength.maha_ashtami_