opportunity Poetry

A Custom

Ihospitalityt is a custom
could be seen as a wisdom
hospitality is a word
keeps together the world
seen as a rare quality
not found in quantity
a beautiful strain
wonderful than rain
blesses the giver
bestows the taker
with two fold opportunities
that be the service
and one of acceptance
a great flexibility in the way
that keeps you all through the day.


My Mother

MMy mothery mother comes to mind often
could it be for fun
nay, she was sober and thoughtful
thinking of the next and next successful.

Firm and resolved she lived
a performer ever, never timid
strict mother and a stern administrator
set her goals far above the greater.

If at all she had been resolute until the end
had she not given away in a bend
sure she would have retained the heights
from where she fell in dire straits.

How did she stoop down? I cry
A question set across with a buy
never could I find out the reason
could that be the reason
why my mother comes to my mind often.

charter Poetry quarter

The Wilsons Or The Tysons.

It is a family
could be the Wilsons
could also be the Tysons
the one in unity
hard to find such ones
as rivalry is in every quarter
it seems to be a clause in a charter
this family is away in one
very different from the majority
hold each other so close and near
speak the mind out in words clear
never resort forspeak your mind any reasons in ambiguity
embrace each other with amity
that be their way to iron off the differences
a way to be learnt and adopted with references.