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The Wednesday’s And Friday’s Child

Wednesday’s child is full of woe
goes the rhyme in a row
each day’s child has a quality
assigned perhaps to rhyme with validity
so does the stars have characteristics
each one tries to be futuristic
the child’s star foretells his sway
could also direct his way
do they concur or not is any one’s belief
a good prediction releases a relief
a bad one gives a hard feel with frustration
well, the astrologer’s are not incarnations
have their own defaults to an extent
take it or not it is your own talent
sayings are not maxims with an authority
guide or misguide one without authenticity
so goes the rhyme Friday’s child is full of grace
whilst I know children of both days in a phase
none agree to the terms and conditions as set forth
sisters who were born on these days whom I know
easily slip into the other day’s mantle in the go.Wednesday's child

aggressive docile Poetry

The Turn Of Events

The turn of events
happens with a speed
not very different
the unruly always unruly
the obedient never disobedient
the events, however, turn and turn
the aggressive on a little provocation
ignite and embitter the nation
the docile remain docile for long
a piquant and a sordid situation
much against any denomination.

turn of events


The Cockpit Of A Plane

In the cockpit of a plane
there was a fight in plain
the flight was on its way
the fight was going all day
the captain’s instruction went unheard
the co-pilot took the control instead
beat and slapped the captain for no reason
the passengers on board travelled in ignorance
their lives in crew’s hands through the distance
the captain prudently deviated path
landed deftly at the nearest spot
cockpitthe situation is unimaginable
the event sounds incredible.