A Little Away

She stares icy cold
makes one lose his bold
she is firm and has a hold
does not in any way fold
she is meticulous
never ridiculous
very diligent in her work
nothing is done in hurried stroke
she has a reserved outlook
never she could be a crook
such be her stand in life
determined womana little away from the ordinary.


The Doors Open.

The doors of my house
stayed without a close
had been so for many years.

The doors of my house
remains tight in a close
has been so in recent years.

The doors do see a change
that too in a range
opened and closed in status.

The doors wide open
now do not reopen
the opposing forces in tone.

The house once hosted the family
now has the oldies really
that be the difference greatly.

The house rejoiced with life
now stays quiet in a strive
not very much in live.

The change is so prominent
it has become dominant
findsdoors an uneasiness in the deviant.

category. Poetry

Your Coordinates

Fall into a category
get into the queue
go with a majority
flow with a tide
are all that come up
when you deviate
not for the bad
but out of dislike
you stand confused
came out with a disgust
to go again into the realms
prove to be fatal
so keep yourself to your coordinates
never merge with the multitude.multitude