The Doors Open.

The doors of my house
stayed without a close
had been so for many years.

The doors of my house
remains tight in a close
has been so in recent years.

The doors do see a change
that too in a range
opened and closed in status.

The doors wide open
now do not reopen
the opposing forces in tone.

The house once hosted the family
now has the oldies really
that be the difference greatly.

The house rejoiced with life
now stays quiet in a strive
not very much in live.

The change is so prominent
it has become dominant
findsdoors an uneasiness in the deviant.

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Books Open And Shut

ledgerThe books are opened and closed

know not for what and why it happens

could it be an attempt forced

as that of a boy made to do so

reluctant he is  to open

feels better sooner he shuts.

Could it be an accounts  book?

The partners are wary to open

with the accounting all crook

eager to hide and  shut

many more possibilities  could be there

these are but a few that come to mind

being possible chances all so ever.


The Break Open.

It being a day of activity

where everyone was  busy.

there arose a flutter  hasty

that of a small intruder bouting in crazy.


He steadily moved to the safe room

having a mask and a gun

brandishing the gun around the gloom

brought the operations to a halt soon.


The staff ran scared  here and there

he caught hold of them unaware

pushing them inside the room  over there

broke open the safe with much care.


In no hurry took everything valuable

came out with the bounty

locked the office with a key  almost impenetrable.

walked away with enormous glee.


Those in the room could not come out

with the telephone line  snapped

and electricity  cut off almost

had to stay there  all day long  locked

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How swiftly and easily things are done?

beguiling the security measures modern

The surveillance cameras  and security alarm are fun

as they fall much below the man’s strategy in turn.


Know Not From Yonder

With eyes stuck openeyes stuck open
while her temper rose
not even a flutter
her eyelids did not batter
her lips did not twitch
here she stood like a stone
unmoved and unperturbed
being the shock too much
beyond any endurance
she was like a rock
seeing everything
nothing got into her mind
for many hours she was like that
Who would have hurt her?
What would be the reason?
Know not from yonder

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La Belle Dame Sans Expression

She lies in the bed with eyes wide open.

She lies there still but not for fun.

She lies motionless for hours in the run.


The Sun’s rays falls sharply on her eyes.

She lies frozen like a solid ice.

Is she real or a guise?


The noise around her is loud.

She lies undisturbed by the cloud.

She belies the spirit of the surround.


The day fades to a starry night.

She lies almost tight.

She presents an alarming sight.


The night sets in silently.

She makes no move relevantly.

Her posture calls for action immediately.


She rises from her bed in a sudden.

Smothers her dress of its crampled trend.

Walks up the aisle with hair done.


She leans over the rails.

She looks at the  night’s trails.

She fathoms  the dark sail.


She watches the vessel move.

She shuts her eyes in a disapprove.

Alas! her soul is entrapped in the groove.