The Grey Hair —-Humour

The grey hair jumps up

then and there

at the most unwanted moment.


The colouring lasts not long

wanes and fades

at the most unwanted time.


The grey locks curl and fly

of and on

at the most unwanted period.


The colour  stays for a  fortnight

diffuses and dissolves

at the most unwanted day.


Grey, they say,  goes with wisdom

could denote or demote

at the most unwanted stage.


Black shiny hair is no longer yours

thin and frail now

at the most unwanted discipline.


Bemoan not your grey hair

glitters and glows

at the most unwanted age.


A tease  as one would find

a mock and a fun

at the most unwanted scenario.









My Good Old Cook

Settling back on my ease chair
setting through the days back
as they came on by one in turns
resembling the slide show
while I was browsing them with my mental eyes
one such scene struck me through
that of the days when I went to school.
One day girl drinking milkI missed my milk
as it was getting late for school
jumped into the car waiting in the porch
asking my driver to rush through
as I was crossing the patio
my faithful cook who had been with us long
came running with a glass of milk
bidding me to drink it at once
otherwise I would feel tired in school
not able to concentrate in my class.
The episode brought tears in my eyes
as I sat recollecting the day
and remembering my good old cook
who passed away a decade ago.
Now I have none to take care of me thus
as it is now I need most care and affection
remaining the fact my hair is going grey.

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La Belle Dame Sans Expression

She lies in the bed with eyes wide open.

She lies there still but not for fun.

She lies motionless for hours in the run.


The Sun’s rays falls sharply on her eyes.

She lies frozen like a solid ice.

Is she real or a guise?


The noise around her is loud.

She lies undisturbed by the cloud.

She belies the spirit of the surround.


The day fades to a starry night.

She lies almost tight.

She presents an alarming sight.


The night sets in silently.

She makes no move relevantly.

Her posture calls for action immediately.


She rises from her bed in a sudden.

Smothers her dress of its crampled trend.

Walks up the aisle with hair done.


She leans over the rails.

She looks at the  night’s trails.

She fathoms  the dark sail.


She watches the vessel move.

She shuts her eyes in a disapprove.

Alas! her soul is entrapped in the groove.







A Definition of Old Age

  The little one asked “What is old age?”

 It is  an age  which tries to free from all bondage,

An age, which gets distracted from all outage,

 An age, which communicates through a silent language.


 As the day closes into dusk 

 As peace leads to an exhilaration always,

Youth  enters the  old age with a grace,

Strings of grey hair are  seen in a trace.