The Grey Hair —-Humour

The grey hair jumps up

then and there

at the most unwanted moment.


The colouring lasts not long

wanes and fades

at the most unwanted time.


The grey locks curl and fly

of and on

at the most unwanted period.


The colour  stays for a  fortnight

diffuses and dissolves

at the most unwanted day.


Grey, they say,  goes with wisdom

could denote or demote

at the most unwanted stage.


Black shiny hair is no longer yours

thin and frail now

at the most unwanted discipline.


Bemoan not your grey hair

glitters and glows

at the most unwanted age.


A tease  as one would find

a mock and a fun

at the most unwanted scenario.









Dark As it Holds –6

Grey is the sky

clouds moving shy

Where do they go?

seeing from low

gazing at it for long

stood there amazed

at the vastness  exhibited

Would they bring rain?

that would lead to gain

Would they? would they?

the mind probes  in dismay

as it hovers over the parched land

which once upon a time was grand

grains  and millets filled the  barn

now  all seem to have gone

with the field gone dry

no produce to buy

a sign of famine perhaps

a fluctuation in seasons

could attribute no reasons.



A distinct And Different Bird.

I saw a bird different

all in light  grey colour with a yellow beak

being not used to seeing birds  of reference

having  such distinct colour and sleek

wondered from where it came from.

Might be a migratory bird from a land

known for cold and snow in the realm

fearing the icy wind  had flown grand

travelling thousands of miles across

flying over the seas and mountains

scared off the iceberg and thaws

has come to  a place certain

where there be no frost  and no cause

as  to  get killed in the cold

where it could survive in moderate climate

with lots of sunshine and water

feeling much better and comfortable  in a state

after the passing away of the charter

possibly would return to her abode

refreshed and re equipped in strength

understandably this images (38) is surely  the bird’s code.







Nothing Original

As one grows old
the hair turns grey
the eyes see less,
nose functions full
teeth get shaky
and the legs ache
while there is a break
as every joint cracks
and every bone squeaks
so with the colouring of the hair
and spectacles knocking your nose
and dentures lying smart in your mouth
and with stents implanted stent-implantin your heart
you pull along till you can
dragging your legs and feet
holding on with your wobbling hands
as the original has given way to the artificial

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A Red Flower Over There.

It was a beautiful red flower in full bloom.

It was  a pleasing red .

It was a lovely red.

It was a cheerful red.

It was not angry red.

It was not fiercely red.

It was not  dangerously red.

It beckoned with a grace.

It reckoned with a poise.

It depicted a welcome choice.

It portrayed  a smiling face.

The red flower’s charm lasted a day.

The red colour faded the next day.

The next morn it drooped down dead on the ground grey.

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Burns to the Earth.

There was a fire burning red.


Lit up to burn the rubbish.


It flagged and waved with the wind.


It then turned into  grey fumes.


It suffocated the inhabitation.


The  smoke emanated  foggy white flakes.


It polluted the environment.


It then subsided into black cinders. 


The ash got spread in the brown terrain.


It lay for ages fresh and undecomposed.


An array of colours  produced a devastation.


An unbearable heat caused a parchment.



A Definition of Old Age

  The little one asked “What is old age?”

 It is  an age  which tries to free from all bondage,

An age, which gets distracted from all outage,

 An age, which communicates through a silent language.


 As the day closes into dusk 

 As peace leads to an exhilaration always,

Youth  enters the  old age with a grace,

Strings of grey hair are  seen in a trace.