Going In Flames.

The puff of smoke went around him
He being immersed in the fumes through him
Not coming out from any fire mishap
but emanating from his cigar in shapes
going in circles all around him
making him cough incessantly
affecting not only him but others sufficiently
affecting his lungs and laryngitis
would make him lose his voice in ease
Not being sad of he being destroyed
but his children and family get decayed
his friends and people who knowingly or unknowingly
have to be with him for constraints seemingly
succumb to the destruction very quickly
Alas! poor souls go in flames for no fault of theirs.smoking  kills

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Burns to the Earth.

There was a fire burning red.


Lit up to burn the rubbish.


It flagged and waved with the wind.


It then turned into  grey fumes.


It suffocated the inhabitation.


The  smoke emanated  foggy white flakes.


It polluted the environment.


It then subsided into black cinders. 


The ash got spread in the brown terrain.


It lay for ages fresh and undecomposed.


An array of colours  produced a devastation.


An unbearable heat caused a parchment.


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The Smoke

There was a huff and a puff,

There was a loud jarring cough,

There was a heavy sneeze,

A smoke was seen through the trees.


The fire was ignited to burn rubbish,

It lay all around in big heaps,

The fumes butted out in a fleece,

It spoilt the environment’s peace.


It choked the young and old alike,

The lungs had to perform a strike,

Working with wheezing and  halted breath,

Struggling amidst  the spasmodic hearth.



People go about their own way,

Spoiling the habitation in a quick sway,

Inflicting the population with a deal,

Far more criminal than steal.



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Man Makes Them All.

The air around gets  choked,

The voice of most becomes hoarse,

Many cough violently.

A metallic sound emanates –boo,boo.

Fumes rise up from far,

The eyes turn  blood-red,

Tears flow down in  a dizzy.

A sobbing sound gets in         – hiss,hiss,

Vehicles produce carbon  emissions,

Choking man and nature together,

Implicating a catastrophe deliberately.

A chaotic commotion wakes up    – ugh , ugh

Cigar smoking  emit carcinogenic  tobacco

The lungs become weak,

Short of breath triggers fatality.

A silence  is remarkably felt.

Who makes all these?

The powerful  man makes them all,

To aid him  in his ventures plausibly,

A voiceless, cheerless , breathless, dead man emerges.

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Smoky Fumes

Smokes leave a disenchantment,

Wherever they are found,

Whenever they surround,

However much they abound.




White fumes from the  burning red,

Emanates  from a large fire,

Engulfing the atmosphere,

Polluting  the ecosphere.



Black fumes from the exhaust ,

Signifies a deadly  pollutant,

Carbon and soot are the resultant,

Afflicting the stratosphere  in  fluent. 



Hot fumes rise up the chimney,

While cold air sinks down,

Making the neighbours frown,

Also  they disturb Nature’s crown.




Light fumes from the cigar,

 Drawn into the mouth effortlessly

Puffing variant flavours wholesomely,

In every direction  effectively.



Mercy is twice blessed,

Blesses the one that gives,

And the one that takes,

Balancing the trades.



Smokes all  in general,

Cigars in particular,

Kill  one  who consumes,

And the one who inhales.