Pass Off

Happened to see a workshop
not a big one in size
a small shop into details
where the nuts and screws
the hinges and glue
all talked of quality
more the while the hands
were deft and quick
did the work with precision
a sight interesting
brought to my mind
the poetry workshop
where the rhymes and meter
the flow and theme
the meaning and beauty
fall into bits and pieces
the skeleton remains
a delineation is it?
nay it is a dissection
go to amputate the limbs
burst the arteries
lie illworkshop for a while in sobriety
slowly pass on to eternity



Fear in mind
kills creativity of any kind
stealing all find.Buddha-Under-a-Tree


A pathetic Tale.

The estrangement has caused a hollow
being unable to swallow
her thoughts goestrangement. far below
she runs to the gallows
though it looks shallow
she knows no other follow
she falls dead on the fallow
a pathetic tale all the more.


Going In Flames.

The puff of smoke went around him
He being immersed in the fumes through him
Not coming out from any fire mishap
but emanating from his cigar in shapes
going in circles all around him
making him cough incessantly
affecting not only him but others sufficiently
affecting his lungs and laryngitis
would make him lose his voice in ease
Not being sad of he being destroyed
but his children and family get decayed
his friends and people who knowingly or unknowingly
have to be with him for constraints seemingly
succumb to the destruction very quickly
Alas! poor souls go in flames for no fault of theirs.smoking  kills

Actions Anger authority Enrichment Environment Evolution Interpretation kill Perfidy Poem Poet Sly sneer Theory thoughts threat. turmoil

The Three Dimensions.

Round and round goes the clock.

It is a rotation of its little hands.

Round and round goes the earth.

It is a revolution on its own axis.


Round and round goes the Man.

It is a movement to circulate physically.

Round  and round he craves in.

It is a motion to spread slander.


The clock shows time in precision.

Enacting day and night in decision.

The earth extends to life  a bounty

Enlivening  men and animals  to a dainty.


Man breeds enmity  in a concealed security.

He nurtures vengeance in a confided intimacy.

Killing one another is his  discreet strategy.

Annihilating the existence in totality.