Poetry thoughts

The Coral Reef

The coral reef are bleached  mostly

a phenomenon rare and ungracious

none could be blamed  in the superficiality

a slight turn outward  could show  the raucous .


The barrier reef being so beautiful  and  amazing

lose the colour due to temperature  rise  abnormal

the behind the scene of action by man is demeaning

initiates the warming of the globe  formally.


Man  does more and more to  rouse a flare up

a boil and a spill over takes place  in an acceleration

the wonders of the world wriggle and wind up

while the beauty is lost for ever in such a demonstration.


Nature stands bereft of its grace and poise

unknowing what to do and how to withstand

given its bounties it has lots of choices

would strike back unmercifully if gotten a chance.coral reef



Poetry thoughts

As He Looks High.

Gone are the days

says he with a sigh

know not what he means

as he looks high.


Those days were golden

says he with a sigh

wonder what he means

as he looks high.


The good old days

says he with a sigh

stay close to him to find

as he looks high.


They are bygone

says he with tears

hold his hand to  comfort

as he looks high .


She is no more

cries he inconsolably

stroke his head with love

as he looks high.


I wish to join her

sobs he uncontrollably

I break down and weep

as he looks high.



A Man And His Wife.

A man and his wife

came home the day

could that be any day

yesterday, day before

even days before

am not specific

better to be a related  say

as I feel  always the day

does not count that much

it is the talk as such

would  be of concern

a telephonic exchange  in turn

would not reveal the expression

the face to face interaction

would give out the thought

well, this  is how I was taught

I tend to stray away from the main

would be of course of no gain

this man and wife in topic  now

have something i their mind below

curious  in a way to know

being a part of them in all

mostly  an intention to gather wool

want they to pass it on to their coterie

they feign with their acts of dignity

their eyes revolved  in a wander

their tongue spoke words of no wonder

finally their pretense got exposed

well, that is how the world is

consider them to be the least

get ahead with your feast.









Man Is Less

The animals behave strange

the birds move about in strange

the men behave not strange

those that act different

know the day would be different

a feel  of difference

a premonition in the course

they know as they live in close

sail with nature’s course

smell the intensity of the variance

understand the nuances of the deviance

safeguard themselves from the  disturbance

a practice man has forgotten  in his  day to day

he is engrossed in his routine of day to day

neglects nature and goes about in his own way

suffers and succumbs to Nature’s fury  all the days.1e5c47da36153ca2fbd32452035bddda



Arrogance Pays.

Arrogant he had been all his life

never even condescended to his wife

rugged he looked in appearance

did not show any reverence

be it his parents or friends

a man who did not extend

a smile as if it was expensive

people were always apprehensive

being he a man of moods

his talk was very crude

his behaviour atrocious

he was all along malicious

ever did he strike with a vengeance

ever did he commit without reference

born with a golden spoon

he was responsible for his doom

he deviated from the norms

thus invited a storm

finally got overturned by the cyclone

he died as a sad man all alone.arrogant man






A Man Of Vile

He  is a man of vilek6047965.jpg

a man of no style

who brags a lot

knows not the slot

nor could reach the spot

being invited for a mediation

happily accepts the solicitation

passes comment as if in a fraction

as  he minces his words while he talks

while his voice is akin to a bark

none could find in him a spark

yet he pronounces his verdict

which bears no ethics.





dignified honest Poetry stylish

A Great Man Unknown.

It is about a man

simple and smart

dignified and gentle

well dressed and stylish

honest and earnest

I would call him great

as I love his charisma

admire his etiquette

adore his integrity

like his speech

many would not go with me

have a penchant for ostentation

an inclination for vanity

a wish for authority

would equate him to an ordinary

would not vote for him in elections

would not care to respect him

would not  present an award

he would as most of us

live unknown and unseen

die unhonoured and unlamented.

mediator Poems unfair

A Biased Man

A biased man

comes on and off

talks of mediation

most unfair  be the man

says if not you agree

nothing would come out  arbitrator

how does it look?

anyhow, he claims to be a mediator

I give him the rank

let him  compromise

between heaven and hell

wish  that be entrusted to him as well


The Sole Beneficiary

The wind blows forever
the moon basks in its glory
so does the sun shines
while the ocean roars
the river sings
as the streams flow
the mountains stand majestic
with the hillocks graceful
nature is wonderful
happy and joyful
the only eyesore
be man’s neglect
he spits and spews
draws and drives
chews and churns
his greed knows no bounds
yet he does with vigour
being the sole beneficiaryman spit.

ploy. Poetry rejoice rule toy

Thumb Rule

The man dies

the woman cries

the woman dies

the man flies

revelsthumb rule and rejoices

that be the choice

a woman is a toy

used as a ploy

the good and best

hatch in the man’s nest

the bad and worst  ever

is born from a woman  ever

that is the thumb rule

making all of us a fool