The Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day a day being special
being a woman in all entirely
brought up with care special
doted by all elaborately
being kept in absolute security
that being of an Indian special
the way a girl is brought up invariably
with the mother’s eyes being watchful
the day starts with a strict monitor
skirts and high necked blouses covering full
a tight plait dangling in a loiter
jasmine or pitchi strung together
adorns the plait altogether.

Education being very exclusive
schools selected with care
colleges chosen with a derivative
girls lead a protected life without any share
the world around seems alien to most
it being a regular outing as nothing remarkable
the drive to school and back almost
nothing other than that was possible
the girls worked hard and in earnest
studied with an inclination to excel
many turned highly learned
a good take as being in different levels
the empowerment of woman has come with a gusto.

The Woman’s Day a distraction in this part
many know not what it is all about
being a celebration of the West
Indian ladies go about undisturbed
the awakening is only very recent
wishes come forth from not too many
same could be said of the other days
the Father’s Day, the Mother’s Day
lastly the Valentines Day
all rush in with a strong voice
the Indian community stands aghast
they who know about the festivals and rituals
think not of all these days as special
being on the whole sober to the core.


An Insane Woman

She sees snakes

Coming out of a mound

Feels very scary.

She sees snakes

Wriggling on the bare ground

A bad omen.

She sees snakes

Attacking each other in frenzy

A horrendous  sight.

She sees snakeS

 All in her fictitious mind

An insane woman.

mutter peace. Poetry sob

Peace By All Means

The old woman talks to herself all the time

seems to swear and curse someone every time

her eyes are fixed on an object far away

could it be a man or a substance in a way

she gestures and gesticulates

her actions are most articulate

she mutters “you, you——you”.

with a vengeance and an anger in blue

her toothless jaws are ever active

they go up and down in a proactive

the words are broken and torn

her voice is cracked and almost gone

she mutters with a spite

as sits  in a chair  tight

could  it be a man over there?

could it be  a woman  fair?

Oh! you cursed soul still alive

Oh! how could you thrive?

the begetter of all my troubles

Will you not falter and stumble?

How can you live for long?

when you have committed so much wrong.

She goes on and on with a sob in between

Poor soul, wish her old woman peace by all means.

ploy. Poetry rejoice rule toy

Thumb Rule

The man dies

the woman cries

the woman dies

the man flies

revelsthumb rule and rejoices

that be the choice

a woman is a toy

used as a ploy

the good and best

hatch in the man’s nest

the bad and worst  ever

is born from a woman  ever

that is the thumb rule

making all of us a fool


The Helpless Woman

The woman bemoans and cries
unable to keep quiet
breaks down in a sigh hlpless woman.
takes not a bite
rants in rancour
swears in anger
mind she not
who it be in slot
be her son or husband
she fumes and disbands
lets out her emotions
not in small portions
pours out in full force
if that be her chose
the life would not be smooth
to tell the truth.


The Story Of A Woman.

The story of a woman
widowed very early
a very gentle human
spent her life wearily
while in her seventeenth year
her husband died so quick
she who was so dear
the favourite pick
of her parents among all
a loving wife to her husband
a sweet little doll
remained very stubborn
thwarted the pressure to remarry
lived all along a widow
encountered loads of worry
tossed and turned over her pillow
with the substantial wealth
from her mother’s side
used up by her in-laws in stealth
accounted for their growth beside
finally refused to pay her due
she knew not what to do?
left alone without clue
cursed herself white and blue
A day came when her in-laws
started to feel a discomfort
both in mind and feel for their flaws
wanted to repay her in terms deferred
with the minimum interest possibly low
she was amazed to hear from them
astonished she was very slow
did not for any reason blame them
accepted the payment complacently
wished them well gracefully.pic-1


A Straight Game.

it is a straight game
that too in a name
where a woman has acquired fame
who is in nature very tame
but has knowledge great
that too in a rate
proportionate to a hate
which men nurture against her fully
envious of her wisdom entirely
do not wish to see her succeed mostly
as they feel they are superior
and the woman are inferior
a thought in the mind’s anterior
though not shown in the (69)


The Woman

It is a tedium
a strain, a despair
to be born a female

The woman faces restrictions
impossible to perform freely
has to stay at the back.

A woman if she is enterprising
would be a butt of anger
turns out to be a stock contemptuous

The men around try to sneak
while her husband scoffs at her
becomes a target of derision.

With contempt she lives her life
her efficiency never acknowledged
she becomes a secondary citizen.

The domination of man is relevant
everywhere be it in east and west
dwarfs the growth of the fair sex.

This is the reality women encounter
in all walks of life
cope up with frustration with woman


A Curse and After

curse-of-the-werewoman-1-523308-3-s-307x512A curse is in the family
for four generations they say
that of a woman from a distant land
who died a few hundred years ago
know not it is natural,murder
or a suicide anything is possible.

A man who is well versed in craft
and who is a sooth sayer too
does pujas in the place where the woman died
tells them if they retain the land
the family would suffer misery
so the land has to be alienated.

it is a surprise to all
has no mishap has befallen the family
except deaths due to old age
others being simply natural
why this decision to sell
has gained importance?

The need of money is the reason
for that they attribute reasons
that of beyond imagination
a support to their cause
a clever ploy to get the money
have they resorted to such evil ways.


India In The Nineteen Eighties

Heard of  a story 

nay, it is not one of a story

it is but  a real affair

that came to indira_gandhi_fashion_20070820  alive

down in the Indian sub continent

that of  say in the nineteen eighties

when there in the government

be it in the central

with a host of ministers all being men

qualified or unqualified

whatever might be

most in traditional Indian costume

and a few in the western attire

thoroughly subdued  and submissive

but there be a woman

with an iron will and determination

be it for good or bad

be it just or unjust

be she merciful or ruthless

whatever might be the state

she professed a stern and impenetrable attitude

that made everyone jocularly remark

be there only one man  in woman’s attire

heading the cabinet of women clad in  men’s dress.