echo lament Poetry

Swear————— Even A little

Swear on God

an exclamation perhaps

not so good

could lead to a mishap

swear on you

by placing the hand on  the head

swear by you

a rant turns a curse instead

cheap it sounds

distasteful all the  more

has no grounds

appears almost sore

the swear  often

leads you nowhere

people might not soften

they would stare

knit their brows

whimsically espy you

their notice would be  very coarse

tolerated only by a few

most would fly

like to escape the torment

as it lands on a wry

the anger, then a lament

slowly rises up high

the swear echoes  sonorously

” swear by God,swear on you”

all the more rather ambiguously.

mutter peace. Poetry sob

Peace By All Means

The old woman talks to herself all the time

seems to swear and curse someone every time

her eyes are fixed on an object far away

could it be a man or a substance in a way

she gestures and gesticulates

her actions are most articulate

she mutters “you, you——you”.

with a vengeance and an anger in blue

her toothless jaws are ever active

they go up and down in a proactive

the words are broken and torn

her voice is cracked and almost gone

she mutters with a spite

as sits  in a chair  tight

could  it be a man over there?

could it be  a woman  fair?

Oh! you cursed soul still alive

Oh! how could you thrive?

the begetter of all my troubles

Will you not falter and stumble?

How can you live for long?

when you have committed so much wrong.

She goes on and on with a sob in between

Poor soul, wish her old woman peace by all means.


Shout And Yell

The man being a maker of trouble

 going past all the norms in a treble

talks as if he knows  a lot

remarking on each and every  slot

shouting unnecessarily in a  situation

that demands a moderate   resolution

swearing by the Gods names

calling them to substantiate his claims

there he goes with a distaste

while people have started him  to hate

he thinks he has won over a place

totally unaware that he has to face a chase

which would make him run for his life

and destroy his way of life

as he has to throw his  towels

and  abandon his  profession

because none relish his intrusion

being  audaciously  disquieting

and  regularlydownload (41)   scorning

he would find himself in hell

if not he stops his shouts and yell.


Curses And Swears.

Curses and swears have a long share

as people from times long  had a care

that was absolutely not very fair

but had a trace of care

a worry above all in  fare.


With a worry in mind

the receiver had a bind

as he felt perplexed in mind

as to what it would lead to find

something very much far behind.


With an ill will in thought

the doer gets on to the taught

as he targets all in a sort

as to what it would bring to a lot

something very much away from the begot.


Curses do come very much true .deafchildswear

being genuine and in black and blue

Swears also get without a clue

getting into the stream in due

afflicting the doers mercilessly in a slew.















The Man And Master.

A man of little means
working from morn to night
not a permanent job in hand
but doing odd jobs at many a home
very well-mannered and genial
above all most trustworthy
has no expectations in life
lives from his earnings
with his children and wife
moving about in a bicycle
answers every call with a smile
and talks affably to everyone.
Sad to say that man had to face a brunt
from one of his masters
who called him to his office
scolded him for no reason at all
asking him to man on cycle.swear that too
on his child ‘s head
he had to do and did he
then walked out from the place
carrying his little child
completely broken and devastated.

Actions Beauty Looks Man thoughts turmoil

Playing Deceptive-

Yonder, I see a beautiful person,

Getting near I rely on reason,

Beauty is not in the eye, I feel

It is found in the  benign act,I seal.


The deceptive looks  deduce a confound.

The sweet smile is actually range bound.

It is a treacherous facility that abounds

Forecasting a terrible tumble  aground.


Never be carried away by outward show.

It would lead to a disastrous flow.

The hideous face hides  itself in a profile low.

Waiting for a chance to strike  a severe blow.


The blow does not injure the physical limbs.

It would strike deadly on the heart’s rims.

Extracting every sinew of the nerves to the brim.

Inducting a ghastly bloody wound plausibly grim.


Light heartedly, they  go about in joyful excitement.

Revelling in the mirth of having struck the target vehement.

One day they would repent for their wicked ploy in indictment.

And endure a harsh curse and drastic swear all in a predicament