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My Music Teacher.

Sing with a full throat

that is all about

suppress not your voice

sing with a free choice

that was my master’s instruction

he opposed always the reduction

insisted on a fearless singing

his words still ring

as I go back to the years

when I used to be in tears

reluctant to attend his class

he never spoke anything rash

left me  to  engage in a  play

slowly  he pulled me into his  sway

made me listen to the notes  first

joined with him to complete the rest

He taught music   in that manner

hoped, I would lift his banner

I failed to give him that satisfaction

it is too late now to extend any compensation

as he is dead and gone  a decade ago

I have also gone grey  in the go.deekshitar


Wagging The Tail

Wagging the tail the dog entered
sat cuddled near the chair
looked around the living area
could find none of his companions
they be his master and his wife
along with their beautiful child
all showered their love on him
the master was strict and affable
while his wife kind and caring
that of their child mischievous and playfuldog-tail-3rd-304x320
they made a team great and inspiring
a perfect home for the cannibal
which never missed a single jaunt on the course
whether it be a ride across the country
or be a walk round the park
the dog occupied the vital seat in the car
beside the kid altogether making a happy band.


I Am Equal To A Rubbish

It has been a day of confrontation

not one of great importance

but one of great nuisance

with the in fight among the servants

one blaming the other over dominance

one accusing the other of authority

bringing in a commotion chaotic

know not how to control the trouble-shooter

as he being  the chef getting taller

for that very reason and  culinary skill

treating the rest with disdain by shouting shrill

every day dawns with a plight and noise

I have to deal with that having no choice

with an added out burst of temper from the master

who butts in with a least knowledge  but into it faster

blaming  me download (40)for the whole confusion and pandemonium

saying that I am inept in dealing with  these tedium

I stay put blinking widely at the abyss

feeling in a sort of being equal to a rubbish





The Grand Master – Nature.

The drawings of nature

broad and great in stature

gipaintingve a colourful feature

that much for the rapture

considering the drawings otherwise

that of extracting her  in size

mostly of her goodness likewise

that of her bounties  and freebies

even after providing so much

she has not lost her glamour as such

she still keeps in  constant touch

with the humanity that has looted her in bunch

that be her unique benevolence

granting her a grand relevance.


The Writing You Do.

Mastering a language is a skill

Be it your own tongue or different.

Talking great out of will

gives a feel coherent

with the normalcy still

and with eloquence relevant


Writing needs extra ordinary  power

where the grammar and usage come to force

where words lack the force of a shower

if not properly put across  in a choose

as such writing carries forward a value not lower

but apparently very much high  in a rouse.


Not any one can write with ease

as it demands a deep study all the while

a slight mistake would bring a tease

with care one should develop a style

where writing pays off with huge fees

though not mostly in cash but freely in praise.writing












The Man And Master.

A man of little means
working from morn to night
not a permanent job in hand
but doing odd jobs at many a home
very well-mannered and genial
above all most trustworthy
has no expectations in life
lives from his earnings
with his children and wife
moving about in a bicycle
answers every call with a smile
and talks affably to everyone.
Sad to say that man had to face a brunt
from one of his masters
who called him to his office
scolded him for no reason at all
asking him to man on cycle.swear that too
on his child ‘s head
he had to do and did he
then walked out from the place
carrying his little child
completely broken and devastated.

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What Is Governance ?

Governance is a technique.

hard to master.

harder to execute.

hardest to find.


Governance is a criteria

calling for wisdom

requiring  skill

assuring  progress.


Governance  is a task

ensuing a discipline

initiating  a schedule

maintaining a  balance.


Governance is characteristic

of  just and justice

of dedication and design

of reign and  gain. 


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Mastery Of Science.

Science is difficult to master.

None can become a master.

It exudes even the master.

It inducts a diligence in the  master.

It shuns a lethargy of the master.

It brings about a spark  to a master.

It flips up the image of a master.

It alleviates the status  of a master.

It attributes to the skill a master.

It compiles all inventions to master.

It dissects all experiments to master.

It is a theory hard to master.

It steers an adaptability easy to master.

Scientific discovery adds a glow to the master.

Scientific abuse bring ignominy to  the master.

It dubs  and acknowledges the great  master.

It stubs and condemns the fake master.

Mastery of science is  unlikely to master.








Fraction Mathematics

Fractions And Decimals

Looking around   the class  room,

A little one sees signs and letters,

The sight sends her to a state of gloom,

As  if they hold her in tethers.


She loves to see little flowers,

Likes to hear lovely rhymes

Wants to play  out of the towers,

Longs to dance  to the chimes.


The call  of numbers make her tired

The fractions keep her  morose,

The intricacies leave her  on board ,

As she has to slog overdose.


The decimals confuse her still,

As she misses to place them  in the right digit

Solving problems break her will,

So she withdraws in a frigid.


This preliminary skill elicits a technique,

To solve not only mathematics,

Also to cross check the life’s  streak,

In a sequential  geometric.


The little girl will  master slowly,

The fractions and decimals  in a spree,

As she grows up ideally,

To grab the intensity in a glee.