The Mother I Am

The mother in me

goes beyond any fee

see through with glasses

my sons’ trespasses

magnified they are to me alone

though very insignificant in tone

I went behind them all the way

allowed them not  to jump into any fray

being my activity when they were young  and raw

now each one being far away  from my claws

live a life of integrity with an inner strength in all

more so of my  discipline in the formative age in all

never think that I sing my praise aloud  though

I revel with satisfaction and smile with a glow.glasses









The Dress.

A way to dress

as occasions demand

simple and pressed

the best in stand

decent and modest always

never gaudy and provocative

mild designs  stitched appropriately

disciplined and not reactive

never an eyesore but eye-catching

extends a respect  and admiration

could win over hearts in full

a  really reliable mode of conduct

found in the attire you darn not dull

as  a dress makes half the person

the rest, of course.dress. is the behave and intellect.

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The Mother In You—-Parenting

The mother in you
sees your children in true
seeing alone is not the clue
disciplining them is worth a few.

The mother in you more or less
makes you love your child none the less
that is not the only direction in less
it is but one of a process in plus.

The mother in you all the more
watches the child evermore
mean not to go behind him to the core
a distant monitor is the way to reach the shore.

The mother in you has to be careful
a kindling spirit you must be in full
a guiding force all very beautiful
that be the procedure to bring them wonderful.

That be the mother in grace
bringing up children is no haze
the fundamentals are the base
all these would attract a gaze.mother in you


Ants ,Bees And Sparrows.


The small things we see keep us agog.
The ants moving up and down
black ,red and brown
seem to go to a nearby town
perhaps to a place well-known
holds our attention in great tone.

So be the ants in line
come next the swarm of bees
which go round in buzzing tees
sucking the nectar from the trees
moving in circles without a cease
making us watch them as though in a seize.

The buzzing tone gives way to squeaks
with the sparrows tweeting from the creeks
pecking the insects with their beaks
quipping and responding with shrieks
going up and down in a freak
on the whole releasing a scenario sleek.

The ants, bees and sparrows make us watch with awe.
Their movement renders a discipline enormous.
Their purpose releases a gusto tremendous.
Their unity throws a light fastidious.
Their activities let out a spark imperious.
We look small apparently before their grandeur gorgeous


Little Majesty Left

The majestic get up fades with age
yet there is a trace of it left behind
which keeps the posture intact
As we get old our outlook takes a different note
Keeping the house intact
with the children getting in as they are born
and getting out once they grow
flying out with new-found wings
Then the husband takes the prime slot
calling her out for each and every other errand
treating the equally aging wife like an errand boy.
The wife runs hither and thither looking after him
and then gets tired of the running
reclining back to a relaxation.
Now with the issues both private and business holding her
wherein she could find time to take care of herself?
In the milieu she gains weight unknowingly
and her figure gets a little drenched out
stretched most by the child births
and more also by the stress and strain she undergoes.
Looking after herself takes a back seat
and she gets ahead still trying to maintain her poise.
Dignified she still is with a difference
as she has grown bulky with flesh deposits in prime areas
and hair greying around the temples with deep lady majestic lines in her forehead
and a double chin a new status she has achieved
after years of slogging and working
which has went unnoticed and unhonoured.
Still with a discipline and decorum and what little majesty is left
she prolongs waiting for the call of eternity.

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A Song on Freaks

disciplinecleanlinessFreaks are too many.
They look uncanny.
They speak high.
They work nigh.

Clean they call out.
They try to find out.
Seeing unclean spots
they create a shoot out.

Discipline they insist .
They enforce strict resist
Shortfalls they desist.
Raking a chaos all out.

Puritan they are.
They take everything too far.
Be it belief or attitude without bar.
They deal with an immediate mar.

Extending directions to the extreme
Seeking to churn out the cream,
they fumble and falter miserably in the stream.
Then coyly they hide their falls with a beam.

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What Is Governance ?

Governance is a technique.

hard to master.

harder to execute.

hardest to find.


Governance is a criteria

calling for wisdom

requiring  skill

assuring  progress.


Governance  is a task

ensuing a discipline

initiating  a schedule

maintaining a  balance.


Governance is characteristic

of  just and justice

of dedication and design

of reign and  gain. 


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Fine Tuned.

modestyA modest event turned grand.

It was a show of a happy band.

Conducted with chaste austerity.

Relieved of unwanted  inhibitory.

Adhering to principles of discipline.

Breaking the prevalent indiscipline.

Proposing a cordial welcome.

Extending a warm decorum.

Weeding the undesirable associations.

Embracing the  required  convictions.

The hosts conducted a perfect show.

It was a quiet  programme in a flow.

Sequences  took place in a natural mode.

Leaving none bored.












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The value Of Tradition

It is a tradition on the move.

sticking to the values in a  grove,

shunning the deviation in a blue,

passing on with a conservative flew,

implementing a decorum true,

gliding she crosses the avenue like a dew.


Her move is  an enthusiasm  lively.

With a charisma she proceeds gaily,

with a stamina she presides sternly.

with a  discipline she conducts firmly,

with an energy she works untiringly,

taking her to the  step of victory. 


Tradition is not  only in her attire specially.

It is  found in her speech almost admiringly.

It is seen in her manners all the most specifically.

It is explicit in her character very distinctly.

It is visible in her demeanour most explicitly.

Tradition makes her look tallerexplicitly,  than everyone else totally.












Dispassionate subscriptions thoughts

Dispassionate Delivery

Keep  the feelings aside,

Allow equanimity to be beside,

Deliver the message to the side,

Without any hide.


Going into  the  deep ,

Getting involved into the sweep,

Gathering moss from beneath,

Gives a scope below the underneath.


Dispassion lacks emotions,

It dispels commotion,

 As it lends a healthy notion,

To the  interactive motion.


A delivery with  no  constraint,

Yet with a disciplined restraint,

Foreshadows  any gross complaints,

Resulting in a novel acquaint.


Bereft of jargons and schemes,

Compressed with factual streams,

 Though the presentation has no steam,

The result delivers a charming gleam.


Dispassionate  is an unfamiliar trend,

Not appreciated  at all ends,

The delivery extends,

A   formal and withdrawn blend.