The Dress.

A way to dress

as occasions demand

simple and pressed

the best in stand

decent and modest always

never gaudy and provocative

mild designs  stitched appropriately

disciplined and not reactive

never an eyesore but eye-catching

extends a respect  and admiration

could win over hearts in full

a  really reliable mode of conduct

found in the attire you darn not dull

as  a dress makes half the person

the rest, of course.dress. is the behave and intellect.


The Dressed Dinner

It was an eat out
The dish all dressed up
Not in simple attire
Had on them such stuff
Gaudy and colourful
Served with great ostentation
Sprinkled with spices
On the whole a grand fete
Well,a feast to the eyes
Not to the belly
Ultimately losing the target.


India In The Nineteen Eighties

Heard of  a story 

nay, it is not one of a story

it is but  a real affair

that came to indira_gandhi_fashion_20070820  alive

down in the Indian sub continent

that of  say in the nineteen eighties

when there in the government

be it in the central

with a host of ministers all being men

qualified or unqualified

whatever might be

most in traditional Indian costume

and a few in the western attire

thoroughly subdued  and submissive

but there be a woman

with an iron will and determination

be it for good or bad

be it just or unjust

be she merciful or ruthless

whatever might be the state

she professed a stern and impenetrable attitude

that made everyone jocularly remark

be there only one man  in woman’s attire

heading the cabinet of women clad in  men’s dress.




Vanity All The More


A girl in her teens
goes by her fashion
that of wearing everything short
glamorous she looks
with a beautiful face and blonde hair
her skin being so silky with no blemish
and her features looking sharp
she goes about with much fanfare
trying to attract all
that does not look decent
as it is typical of a stylish snob
let her be moderate in dress
with a dignified look and grace
she would win more hearts all along
than being so vanity personified.



Pockets All through

Pockets of potholes seen on the road

Pockets  of dirt found in the corners.

Pockets of  land looking not flat.

Pockets that are visible

Pockets that lay camouflaged

Pockets big stitched  in dresses .

Pockets small adorning the kids wear

So being pockets  all in the fray

there arises a bump on the way

an accumulation in the sway

finally  a pockets resource in the bay.



Actions blue concept

Boys In Blue.

boy's roomblue.Boys are dressed in blue.
It makes a boisterous accrue.
His room is painted blue
It throws a pleasant hue.
His bedspreads are also in blue.
It tends to intensify the preview.
The concept of ascribing blue.
Came into force from whence I know not for true.