The World Turns Out.

The waterfall so gorgeous

the mountains so gregarious

the ocean so  ravenous

those around so garrulous

goes the world  in a resource

not any way to find the  source

an enigma it turns out

incredible it is sans doubtOcean


Link The Rivers.

The linkingrivers of rivers
has been on the air
that should happen on the soil
finds its place on the clouds
long it has been the topic
discussed and designed
all issues dealt mentally
never saw its light physically
if only the linking takes place
the Indian sub-continent
would be the great benefactor
punctuated by floods and paucity
the surplus would be diverted
to the driest place
saving the drought hit
and the inundated area
all at the same time .


Pockets All through

Pockets of potholes seen on the road

Pockets  of dirt found in the corners.

Pockets of  land looking not flat.

Pockets that are visible

Pockets that lay camouflaged

Pockets big stitched  in dresses .

Pockets small adorning the kids wear

So being pockets  all in the fray

there arises a bump on the way

an accumulation in the sway

finally  a pockets resource in the bay.




Water Turns A Wonder.

Small buildings are found in ponds.

Bigger ones are seen in lakes

Huge constructions take place in rivers

Mighty ones being erected in Oceans.

technology takes you far

very much away from Nature.

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Verdant Green.

Many strange things keep us occupied
One such is Nature.
with its embodiments in full form
Nature gives us a propitious sway
with an imponderable way
taking us over the mountains high
through the valleys lovely in the middle’
along the plains flat and wide
down into the oceans deep and sullen.
From the mountains spring the rivers
which flow through the hills
going through the valleys to the plains
and from there falls into the ocean
after having been sucked greatly
by the people around for their sustenance
Iverdantn a swing the rivers enrich the lands
through which they pass rendering them verdant
making the entire environment green.


Thoughts On Flow.

The thoughts keep flowing on
as the waters in the river
at times stagnating
at tines flooding
at times drying up
at times flowing smoothly.
While the river ends up in the ocean
the thoughts find no end
but gets caught in corners
allowing a confinement
and a constraint.
The mind then goes
off the beat and misses the rhythm
inhaling polluted air
and exhaling a contamination
causing a suffocation
leading to a breathlessness
and a cremation by
burying the thoughts
and setting them to fire.


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Live Wire

songriversThe rivers flow with a melody
consisting of soft tunes.
The ocean roars noisy
contributing to the sonorous notes.
The ponds whimper slowly
conducting a mild flutter in modest sequence.
The brooks murmur minutely
condescending to a light twitter in moderate rhymes
The water bodies present an orchestra
intensely organising rhythmic notations.
The muse in nature presents a concert
releasing a rapturous ensemble in lively quotations.