The Cuckoo Coos.

A cuckoo coos
from dawn to dusk
similar to a truce
hailing her mate.

I open my door in the morning
walk through the garden
hear the cuckoo singing
a song of love.

I stay there for a while
mind, not the chill air
the melody is in style
classical in a stretch.

The Cuckoo pleads
expressing her desire
from the reed
sighing intermittently.

It is heart-rending to hear
the ecstatic rendition
impregnate with emotions
one of a lovelorn anthem.



Lyricism is found  natural

no practice could sharpen or hone

it is  very intense and casual

both being  very chaste in tone


The expressions being spontaneous

words come out instantaneous

the mirth that surrounds with a veil

holds us breathless in a trail.


That piece of art over there

bids  you to look at them  with cheer

curiosity out bounds with a  glee

you perceive it with a mind free.


Be it a sculpture or a write

makes the heart rise up like a kite

up and up the thoughts fly

that which non money could buy.


Be that the lyricism I understand

where melody runs through in the band

the soul is stirred and turns ecstatic

while the  mellifluous overtakes the didactic.lyricism





Raga And Thala

Raga and thala

 synchronize with the lyrics  beautifully

melody pervades through.


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crazy Poetry

A Crazy Damsel

Small things fascinate me

a rose for instance  enraptures

so do an ant

also a chocolate devastates

music in a likelihood intoxicates

and the ants in a rownature totally distracts

leave alone a poem or fiction

take me up in a flight

as I lose touch with reality

live in a world of fascination

you might call it an illusion

forgetting the role, I have to play

my daily life runs amuck

while I  unknowingly get stuck

know not how to come out

a crazy damsel all in the go.


The Style Of Life.

Laughing with the wind  as it blows 

Living with  a song in a   melody

Leading like a light  as it flows

Leaving with no noise  in rhapsody

Is the choice most wonderful

I wish to acquire in custody

want to  attain most  hopefully

with a rest eternal in glory.laughing with wind





An Exaltation.

The musical melody came through
from where I knew not
it did not rush in with force
but came through in a flow
like a breeze blowing soft could I say
or like a the tides rising gentle
could I attribute with plausibility
They entered through with such ease
rendering a great exaltation
Leaving everything as it is
sat near the window specifically
listening to the musical delight
Well a good time passed in a trance
taking me across to the portals
not in a dive but in a drive
an experience beyond comprehension.

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Music be Thy food.

The music flowed in the air.
It caught me in a snare.
The melody was something rare.
reminiscing of the great musicians in the fair.

Listening to it keenly
I was able to get into it deeply
The nuances were so lovely
that made my heart melt fondly.

I took a stroll out into the avenue
The music flowed out from a venue
where a flautist was playing for revenue
With a heavy heart dropped a dime bidding him adieu.

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Live Wire

songriversThe rivers flow with a melody
consisting of soft tunes.
The ocean roars noisy
contributing to the sonorous notes.
The ponds whimper slowly
conducting a mild flutter in modest sequence.
The brooks murmur minutely
condescending to a light twitter in moderate rhymes
The water bodies present an orchestra
intensely organising rhythmic notations.
The muse in nature presents a concert
releasing a rapturous ensemble in lively quotations.


A Virtuoso Performance.

There was an exuberance all over,

The  listeners  were  speechless,

The rendition kept us motionless,

We  remained awe-struck.



The concert kept us spell-bound,

The spectators were in a trance,

 As there was no movement by chance,

 The performance was range bound,

We   stayed exhilarated


The imagination was  an exaltation

There was an enraptured silence,

AS the feelings were free from tense,

The melody was  a  rhapsodic culmination.

We sat mesmerised.


























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Everyday Music

I go to no concert,

I hear music from where I am,

The breaking of dawn is music to me,

As I hear the  hen call cock a doodle do ,

It is a high pitch call,

Followed by the crows caw,

Which denotes a base tone,

Then come the sparrow chirping ,

In a gay collective note,

A little away I see a goat bleat,

Along with the cow’s moo,

Heightened by the donkey’s bray,

Jarring with the dog’s bow-wow,

Softened by the pussy cat’s meow.



As the day advances to mid morning,

The cry of the babies ,

Mark the loudness

While the constant chatter of elders,

In hushed tones,

The clatter of pans in the kitchen,

Bear a  deafening frequency,

The hurried sweeping of the floor,

Call for a hustle

The mopping and brushing,

Create a swishing noise,

The hissing of a shower,

Presents a comfort zone.



The day draws to a close,

With the birds flying back,

Fluttering their wings,

The animals get calm ,

By retreating to their dens,

The children become sleepy,

Giving out a tired yawn,

While the adults relax back,

With the television  on,

The  gentle breeze sets in,

Refreshing with its melody,

As the night slowly embraces the sky.

In a harmonious excellence.