The Blow Of Wind —- In Phases.

The blow of wind

gushes through

one of its kind

never be true .


The blow of wind

strikes through

one of its  place

never be true.


The blow of wind

enfolds you through

one of its  race

never be true.


The blow of wind

raises you afloat  through

one of its trace

never be true


The blow of wind

raises you to a trance through

one of its excess

never be true.wind blowing







Lyricism is found  natural

no practice could sharpen or hone

it is  very intense and casual

both being  very chaste in tone


The expressions being spontaneous

words come out instantaneous

the mirth that surrounds with a veil

holds us breathless in a trail.


That piece of art over there

bids  you to look at them  with cheer

curiosity out bounds with a  glee

you perceive it with a mind free.


Be it a sculpture or a write

makes the heart rise up like a kite

up and up the thoughts fly

that which non money could buy.


Be that the lyricism I understand

where melody runs through in the band

the soul is stirred and turns ecstatic

while the  mellifluous overtakes the didactic.lyricism




music thoughts

The Nectar Drops

The nectar drops

not from the bee traps

not from the bee hives

from the music I hear

intoxicates me more

I lose myself  all the more

a trance I am in

unable to come to reality

a fascination I experience

now, just now, almost now.nectar drops.jpg


A Priest In A Trance.

It is a trance

be it a chance

a priest in a dance

his eyes gleam red

he seems to be dead

then his eyelids close and shut

his words resemble a fret

the audience light the camphor

he wriggles his body in a  vigour

the sambrani burns into fumes

a pleasant odour looms

the spectators put forth their queries

he answers them in a reverie

they listen to him with utmost reverence

as he is equal to the almighty in a  reference

I sit there with a thought  all the while

suspicion gathers in me in a strange style

could this man have such  capacity?

not at all my mind warns me with a reliability

how could I make my friends understand?

they are neverthetranceless blind in their stand.










An Exaltation.

The musical melody came through
from where I knew not
it did not rush in with force
but came through in a flow
like a breeze blowing soft could I say
or like a the tides rising gentle
could I attribute with plausibility
They entered through with such ease
rendering a great exaltation
Leaving everything as it is
sat near the window specifically
listening to the musical delight
Well a good time passed in a trance
taking me across to the portals
not in a dive but in a drive
an experience beyond comprehension.