Lyricism is found  natural

no practice could sharpen or hone

it is  very intense and casual

both being  very chaste in tone


The expressions being spontaneous

words come out instantaneous

the mirth that surrounds with a veil

holds us breathless in a trail.


That piece of art over there

bids  you to look at them  with cheer

curiosity out bounds with a  glee

you perceive it with a mind free.


Be it a sculpture or a write

makes the heart rise up like a kite

up and up the thoughts fly

that which non money could buy.


Be that the lyricism I understand

where melody runs through in the band

the soul is stirred and turns ecstatic

while the  mellifluous overtakes the didactic.lyricism




Poetry thoughts

The Coral Reef

The coral reef are bleached  mostly

a phenomenon rare and ungracious

none could be blamed  in the superficiality

a slight turn outward  could show  the raucous .


The barrier reef being so beautiful  and  amazing

lose the colour due to temperature  rise  abnormal

the behind the scene of action by man is demeaning

initiates the warming of the globe  formally.


Man  does more and more to  rouse a flare up

a boil and a spill over takes place  in an acceleration

the wonders of the world wriggle and wind up

while the beauty is lost for ever in such a demonstration.


Nature stands bereft of its grace and poise

unknowing what to do and how to withstand

given its bounties it has lots of choices

would strike back unmercifully if gotten a chance.coral reef




The Real Beauty.

The beauty lies not in fairness

mostly not on the features alone

the nose being sharp and pointed

the eyes  like a fish  in shape

the lips so thin and soft as a petal

the chin neither rounded or pointed

the cheeks cherubic and rosy

the forehead not broad or narrow

all these go to make a person pretty

being not a doubt in the context

not that alone shows up as loveliness

being the personality and the poise

being the frame and the look

count on the majestic appearance

the way one behaves with  dignity

add to the charm  in the fullest

that be the best form of beauty

would I vouchsafe in all sensibility.Patralekha-detail


flowers Poetry red yellow and white.

The Ecstasy And The Thought

Tulips-Flower-Garden-DFL-0143The flowers  white and red

the white being numerous

the red in a few

with the yellow in one and two

call me with a bloom

as I sit to brood

they  being so fresh and soft

the petals so silky and shiny

wink at me with a twinkle

as I sit there to deliberate

they dance with the breeze

flutter with the birds

reveal themselves to the bees

as I sit there with  my mind elsewhere

their ambience is so lovely and charming

the aesthetics  beautiful and gleaming

mark me with a pin and a peg

as I sit there lost in my thoughts

their exuberance spreads a colourful hue

in contrast to my mind’s greyish howl

they laugh and grin with the environ

while my mind wanders in the realms

of unrelated references inappropriate

not the most required at the moment

I am fully present in this enchanting place

physical though in an existence

as my mind inhabits  in a dwelling

away from all these pristine pleasures

meandering  and negotiating the incidents

that would bring no gain or fortune

either in the form of peace and goodwill

or in the mode of financial  and economy

nestles in a deal that wedges the heart all through

the slanders that keep us in turmoil

well, tI sit and brood in a dilemma

Nature Poetry

Nature At Its Best.

it was thirty minutes past four
well into the early morning
between dark and dawn quite cold
with none of the humans up and around
the world was busy otherwise in a get up
the birds were ready for their fare
their cackle and chirp bustling in a bound
there were the others insects moving up and down
enjoying the beauty and serenity together
a wonderful thoroughfare was in the hub
an orchestral music being played with interest
without the interference of man’s artificial signsearly morning
hoots and honks, fumes and dust all prevalent
it is the nature in all wholly at its best.


The Beauty

Her face has a distinct form

 not like a pear  in the norm

 an oval shape in perfect form

  two big eyes well placed 

with expressions not dazed 

a kindness pops out unfazed

 a nose of mighty sharp 

nothing that of a prop 

 long and aquiline on top

the lips so thin and  curved 

look they like a painted nerve

has a chin effective and pleasant

 not long or pointed in a pretend 

the cheeks did glow with a pink

 a robust  cheer to espy in a wink

 that be the girl I saw on my way

 a beauty that took me by sway.



Queen Of Queens

Ravishingly beautiful
rosy cheeks gleaming
pointed nose piercing
blue eyes shining
with the skin glowing
I saw a girl out of her teensqueen_alice___pencil_drawing_by_xasidas-d5s9m6o
with poise in her ways
grace in her manner
altogether an embodiment
also in hold of
lively senses sharp
and speech very cordial
words polite and brief
a determination of will
that made her the
Queen of Queens
posing with no pride
but with gentle delicacy
a lovely person besides all
on whole to see and acquaint.


The Mirror

Have a  very huge mirror
which reflects the inner
not your face alone
but you heart   and tone
showing not your facial beauty
but revealing your inmost booty
highlighting not only the visual
but underlining the virtual
that be the true black_mirror_frame_by_berrykissed-d4lq82dmirror
that cohere the inner and outer
seamlessly in an altogether
make haste to gather.


The Scenario Pristine

Out in the field  there I see greenery
it captivates me being a lively scenery
the paddy has grown so well and looks pretty
with yellow grains dangling from the land’s kitty
there they seem to hold every perceiver straight
making his face light up  looking at the awesome freight
being the heavy grains glittering over the stalk and above
there be a charm most graceful and condescending with the bow
as the grains heavy pull the stalk down indicating that it is done
bidding the farmer to harvest the strains otherwise they would be gone
carried away by wind and eaten up rodents and birds instead
proposing a waste over the toil and sweat the farmer has shed
compelling him to go about his work with concentration quick
as he would be rewardeddownload (39) with a bounty that being the trick.


The Meticulous Choice.

A choice unique and exclusive

could be very very  decisive

as it has elements inclusive

seeming very elusive

synchronizing to a beauty

adding a few adornments  here

taking off a few extras there

giving a shape to the parts with care

decking them with lovely designs rare

coming with it all the fares

the manufacturing and freight fair

together make it a great share.spoon and fork stand.