He Turns Words.

He turns words

twists and twines

stretches and strains

that be his world


He turns words

interprets as he wants

teases and taunts

that be his world.


He turns words

slander and libel

creates he in liberal

that be his world.


He turns words

rushes to court of law

rams into with a flaw

that be his world.


He turns words

causes a stir all through

chaotic it becomes in true

that be his world.


He turns words

quarrels and fights

emanate on all sides

that be his world.


He turns words

bloodshed and death

loom large in breadth

that be his world.


He is not a wordsmith

he is a  blacksmith

not literally but metaphorically

a destroyer  incidentally.















Poetry thoughts

The One So Excellent.

Unfathomable as the ocean

deep and intense  in thoughts

she brooks no erosion

she being taught

the value of life  in all

she being disciplined as well

not to speak  ill nor lies  tall

the words she lets out in few

carry a significance great in due

a lady with an ingenuity in focus

dignified she walks in status

the one whom I admire from a distance

being one who commands high reverence

could she be noted as one of distinct reference.








Ode On Words

Eat up not your words

eat up your meals

go by your words

at the cost of any deal.


Words are meant to be kept

never in a way to be broken

the words that are kept

bring repute  as a token.


Honour your words at any cost

words are precious any way

easy to throw them out fast

hard to preserve them in a way.


Words are a religion as far as I know

a sanctity all the more

they are valuable  and shine with a glow

being a property  with a vow.





A Lady Of Few Words.

Being a lady of few words

taciturn and curt she be

talks nothing unnecessary

whatever  be the deals.


To her integrity is final

nothing would override

even  the attractions  so bright

precepts mark her strength.


Never would you see such a lady

traditional in her outfits

conventional in her outlook

sober and sullen in her behavior.


I could go on and on  elucidating her traits

such being her poise  and grace

she  is  a personification of majesty

anyone would pay obeisance to her naturally






brush context Poetry

Words And Their Meanings.

brushWords have many meanings

go with the context

they have many dealings

go with the pretext

a simple word ‘brush’

could be a tooth brush

refer to all kinds of brushes

being in the literal part

on to the more serious one

could connote a knock

a light stroke and a graze

a brush with death

could imply a possibility of danger

well into death and then a recovery

a brush with law

a confrontation with legality

finally a retrieval

being so a simple word “brush”

could  bewilder  in a way

belittle penetrate pierce Poetry sting

The Change In Me – Of late.

Of late I have become  sharp

my words sting people say

I never feel that way

my look sticks people say

I never feel that way

my action pierces people say

I never feel that way

my ideas penetrate people say

I never feel that way.

my attitude belittles others people say

I never feel that way

I had been the way I am

right from the day

I knew to talk and interact

never had I been sharp, piercing

I had been silent and  quiet

people say this and more 1648

what not and what else

I am what I am

all through my days.

indicative. Poetry

The Indicative Words.

This falls into that
that converges into this
one being a little near
the other being very far
the pointing goes with the finger
the indication shows the rangeindicative words
this and that are relative words
used often in this world
an easy way to place the status
a facilitator to remain out of focus
well, that be the nuance of the language
the greatness of the English language.

Poetry rise.

Fear A Quick Rise.

Words come to me very slowly

and I write very lethargically

go through it again  very lazily

sit there with a gaze unwittingly

my writings  are simple   as such

there is no great effort as much

I write with a simple touch

neither a satire nor an allegory

either be it a poem  sans glory

I write in an ordinary style

never refer any  file

this is my attempt and a try for long I fly

for long this is how I fly

almost without any slide

as it is easy to glide

and move up gradually

as I fear quickquick rise rise very truly.

Poetry significance.

Signs True.

The regards people have for you

could be seen not in an outward show

could feel subtly in their interaction with you

not very explicit and never with a glow

seen through with intensity

the gentle talk with a shine in the eyes

the soft touch with a smile in the face

the voice cordial speaks no lies

the intention is reflected in a space

all these are proofs that they admire you

these are signs that tell us the truth.kind speeh

deride Haiku Poetry ride tirade

The Wordy Flow And Blow

The words flow

releasing an uninterrupted deadly tirade

strike a blow.

The forceful blow

is baseless and unrealistic  deride

arrests the flow.

The unmindful  flow

turns  into shameless distinct  ride

a meaningless blow.artofdestruction_featured