Poetry significance.

Signs True.

The regards people have for you

could be seen not in an outward show

could feel subtly in their interaction with you

not very explicit and never with a glow

seen through with intensity

the gentle talk with a shine in the eyes

the soft touch with a smile in the face

the voice cordial speaks no lies

the intention is reflected in a space

all these are proofs that they admire you

these are signs that tell us the truth.kind speeh


Finding Fault

Finding fault  is his way
that has been all the days
whether it be necessary
whether it be derisive
he goes on pin pointing
with not declining
anything  in  the role
looking through a hole
which shows only demerits
he gives all less credits
telling that it is his right
talking images (35)to the face straight
making others quiver in anger
he rants out with allegations danger
that at times jumps beyond and over
causing a malicious feel  and lowers
the respect one bores for him all over.

Lesson Looks Poem thoughts

Have You Seen Him?

short manHe smiles silly.
Looks empty-headed really.
Makes gestures funny.
Has a voice grumpy.

He is short.
Appears like a snort.
Tempers are at times hot.
He stands out from the lot.

He by himself is a comedy.
Respected not by anybody.
Tries to attract everybody.
Lo! he fails miserably.