Crazy They Are.

Sitting on the road side bench
looking at the shoppers around
each one buying things so many
leaving nothing out of any
glasses not one or two but ten
baskets of straw,bamboo in another tens
mugs and earthenware altogether in dozens
pillows and quilts in piles without reasonshoppers
where do they go and stock these all?
had an intention to give a call
and invite someone to a talk
just to find out why they buy so many?
Gave up the idea after great deliberation
fearing they might think of me as an aberration.
bemused and at the same time amazed
watched them purchase everything with a craze.

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Have You Seen Him?

short manHe smiles silly.
Looks empty-headed really.
Makes gestures funny.
Has a voice grumpy.

He is short.
Appears like a snort.
Tempers are at times hot.
He stands out from the lot.

He by himself is a comedy.
Respected not by anybody.
Tries to attract everybody.
Lo! he fails miserably.

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The Craze And The Crazy

Listening to a gregarious talk ,

By a formidable flock,

 Atop a high raised block,

Let me  wonder  at the stock.



Their chatter was a gibber,

Which led to a blabber,

Proposing a crazy  jabber,

Over a provocative trigger,

Voicing a facile rigour.



Oh! we are about to land on moon,

Yes! we are going to walk soon,

Right! we  shall  feel the boon,

Great ! we  shall carry a balloon.

To fix it before we swoon.



The insensible  meaningless chatter,

Brings forth a whimsical banter,

Leaving us amused at the  matter,

Provoking an uncontrollable laughter,

Synchronizing a conducive  crater.