Googling Tommy

Rolling like a bunny
looking so funny
moving with the tummy
the breeze blowing balmy
went little Tommy
across the waters foamy
drenching himself slowly
grunting in a voice lowly
appearing very ugly
lost himself entirely
googling could not trace him wholly
that being the end of Tommy googling


It Is Irritating.

It is irritating nothing but irritating.
It is trash nothing but trash.
Having been away mentally
Seeing not eye to eye
keeping a distance from a particular irritatingperson
I hate myself for calling him a person.
Not talking a word about them
let it be good or adverse.
That being my habit all through
as to not pronounce the names of those
who had harmed me wantonly.
That being so,I got a call from overseas
Mind you it was a missed call
Calling back respecting the seniority of the caller
who came on-line very briskly
started talking about the person.
I told him in no certain terms
that the call is wasteful expense
My patience flew into a rage
shouted at him for behaving so funny
as he knows fully well that I care a tuppence
and not cast my eyes on the concerned person
Closing down I was shaking with anger
and wondered why people act so badly


Lording over.

Extravagant in words
Liberal in behaviour
stingy in spending
bereft of thinking
are the characteristics
of a man known to me
known to me not alone
but to you also
in a place familiar to me
familiar to me not alone
but also to you
speaking rotten
and talking nonsense
at places public
has been his way
and he does this in perfect sway
thinking he is great
and assuming himself to be lord
holding court with a few “Yes” men
who get kick backs for their
passive obedience and acceptance
and who laugh over his foolery
once he goes out of sight
I see you chuckle
which gives out
that you also know him
or persons like him.lording over.

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Hugo’s Go

It was long long ago.
More than hundred years ago.
There lived a man called Hugo.

Hugo had lot of children.
He had a beautiful garden
where the family had lot of fun.

As the children were too many
he could not remember the names of any.
To call them he made gestures funny.

many childrenChildren gave him no trouble.
The family progressed without a stumble.
Hugo became old and tumbled

Lesson Looks Poem thoughts

Have You Seen Him?

short manHe smiles silly.
Looks empty-headed really.
Makes gestures funny.
Has a voice grumpy.

He is short.
Appears like a snort.
Tempers are at times hot.
He stands out from the lot.

He by himself is a comedy.
Respected not by anybody.
Tries to attract everybody.
Lo! he fails miserably.

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A call From A Mobile Phone.

Mobile phone is called as cell phone in some parts of the world,

Cell phone is  referred as hand phone in other parts of the world,

It is a phone lying unattended somewhere in my world


Mobile phones have made great strides recently,

Everyone has it even during his ride definitely,

Exposing his life to a an alarming danger certainly.


People can reach us wherever we are is a plus

They can trouble us from wherever they are is a minus,

Keep us posted of  wanted and unwanted news is a trespass.


 All said and done to me, far from being useful it is just handy ,

 All for the matter to me it is expensive but small and funny,

All the much so to me it is  a gadget that remains a mystery.


Do I really need a mobile is my call?

Ma ,you should possess one is my boys call,

I do not need one as I rarely move out is my call.


Factually,my life is a movement  from one room to another,

I never venture out of my home  at any cost how so ever,

A mobile is an unnecessary to a home bird like me all so ever.


I do own a mobile,I know not for what,

I placed it in my cupboard from the day I bought,

It rings and dies with no attention brought.